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Welcome back everyone! It has been quite some time since I sat down in bed and typed something on here. I have been a good 3 weeks into school and it is kicking my butt. I have met more with my professors in the past 3 weeks then I have in the 3 years I've been in college. At least they all know me by name now! Today I didn't have any classes and so I took the day off from anything school related and just relaxed, which is exactly what  I needed. 

I also have some wonderful ladies here for you all to get to know. You may have seen their buttons over to the left this past month. Since fall has officially arrived and pumpkin everything is being baked, I asked these gals what they're most excited about fall for. So keep reading and enjoy!!


Hello, Kelly Followers! I'm just like our awesome blogger Kelly Elizabeth, I love love love the fall! We recently moved from Kansas to Texas so this our first year without the windy, cold weather we're used to. Fortunately, I've been knitting away (although I'm not sure it will ever get cold enough to use knits!) to make the season feel more like home. 
I blog over at Oodles of Time, exploring life in the great state of Texas and all of the surprises the future is likely to bring. 


Hi everyone! My name is Jordyn and I blog over at Pretty Lovely, my personal style blog. Fall is my ABSOLUTE favorite, so its safe to say I love everything about it. A couple of things stick out though. The fashion. Layering is my favorite, tights, oversized sweaters and boots. Can't get enough! then there is the weather. I live for storms, rain and wind. Changing leaves, pumpkins, and coziness. This season always seems to be the shortest when I wish it was the longest!  


I'm Michelle and I blog over at Permanent Daydream. My absolute favorite thing about autumn has to be the crispness. What's that, you ask? That feeling in the air, that feeling where you no longer have to breathe through your mouth with your lips looking like a goldfish because the oppressive summer air is long gone. My favorite crispy times are those when it's not raining (good luck with that Vancouver) but just clear, sunny/cloudy and refreshing. Where you can still go outside with just a light coat, but you can wear a scarf for style purposes without getting sweaty cleavage. So yeah, scarves sans sweaty cleavage -- that's my favorite thing about fall. 


Hello! My name is Natalie and I blog over at Revel+Design. It's nothing special really, just a little place where I talk about my love for design and some things about my life and what not. I offer tutorials and will be giving out blog freebies too! So stop on over and say hello!
I am looking forward to cooler weather and tons of treats! But mostly I am excited for Halloween this year and all the spooky movies coming out!



play a little tune

This weekend I had Saturday off so Friday night after work I took a quick trip to visit Chris. It was a wonderful last minute decision, because I have been craving some much needed boyfriend time with him. We ate lunchables, watched zombie movies, and I listened to him play his ukulele. We also watched The Bling Ring with my big girl crush, Emma Watson. The movie made me wonder if it really is that easy to break into Paris Hilton's house, because if it is, I might just have to try. That is if I ever make it to California.

As always, I hated saying goodbye to that handsome face and taking my hour and half drive back home. Now it's back to the books and back to sitting in classrooms. Until next time.


favorite little places online

I have so many favorite online shops that I could spend hours scrolling through pages of stuff to buy. Today I narrowed it down and kept it strictly to my favorite Etsy shops. Etsy just fascinates me with the endless amount of goodies they have. I love finding new shops and seeing the different types of jewelry or clothing items people create. 

These are my favorite...

Leftover Studio // I bought my camera bag from this shop (the first bag) and it could not have been a better purchase. They make some of the best quality bags I ever seen and I know my bag will be lasting me more then several years. 

Laura Laurent Salon // This gal makes the cutest art pieces that one day will be hanging in my bathroom.

OceanTime // I recently got my belly button pierced and I've been obsessed with stalking this site for new rings when I'm able to change it out. That Harry Potter one? Need it!

Abra Kadabra // We all know I'm a cat lover and this adorable little jewelry shop has these cat pendant necklaces that I just adore. I mean, come on.


first day of senior year

Yesterday marked the start of my senior year of college and probably not my last year. I started out at a new school, which was both nerve racking and exciting. Being on a new campus was a thrill for me, however getting lost in a building with a million classrooms is like trying to find the exit to a maze that doesn't have one. 

I had a few breaks in between my classes yesterday so I popped a squat in a nice shaded area with a picnic table and did some people watching while eating my lunch. After about an hour of this, I realized that the school I now go to has a very interesting bunch of people. 

Here are the thought that ran through my head during this time...

"That crop top is a little to cropped and probably not the shirt to be wearing to school."

"That's a lot of dread locks for one couple."

"That's a very interesting weave you have there."

"It is way to early in the morning to be wearing a skirt that short." 

"I don't understand why you're on a bike if you're peddling as fast as I'm walking." 

"My class is at 3...(2 minutes later) wait when does my class start?"

"So tell me again why it was a good idea to wear a mini skirt and ride your bike to class?" 

"I guess I'm going to need to get a penny board if I want to fit in here."

It was an interesting first day. 

Happy Labor Day and some random ramblings

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic long weekend full of cook outs and sunny weather. I did absolutely nothing this weekend other then enjoy my last few days of summer. School starts bright and early tomorrow morning. I am actually quite excited, which that feeling will probably change within a week of classes. I am transferring to a new college this year that involves a 45 minute commute. But hopefully it doesn't end up being to bad. I am really excited for the new campus and the new school year. I've been shopping like crazy this summer for new clothes, so my wardrobe is stocked full of new shirts ready to be worn!

So last night I was craving a big bucket of popcorn, like most nights, and my best friend wanted to go see a movie (what a perfect pair we are). So we headed out to catch the 7:00 show for Mortal Instruments. I really enjoyed the movie but it had so many awkward moments in it that probably could have just been left out. If I had read the books, it probably would have all made sense, but I was lost quite a lot during the show. I may just have to grab the books and start reading so that my brain can understand what the hell I just watched.

I also have been on a health kick these past few weeks. I've been exercising and eating up the farmer's market almost every week for some good vegetables. I think one week I went through 3 large zucchinis from all the zucchini pizzas and baked fries I was eating. I also just bought the Jawbone Up wristband to keep myself motivated and on track. I might do a review on it, because it's an awesome piece of fashionable technology. It tracks all your steps, intake and outtake of calories, your sleep cycle (my favorite part), and it even vibrates when you've been inactive for too long. I've never been on to track all stuff before or even care about how many calories I'm consuming in a day, I just recently thought it would be really neat to actually see what I'm doing.

That's all I got for you folks today. Talk to you soon!

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