today is the day for rants

....and how stupid some people drive. Let's start this off with a meme on how I feel right now...

I could leave this post with that, but I won't. So let me elaborate and start with this. I hate going out on the weekends. Everyone is off of work and going shopping and the world is just a little to crowded for me. I'm one of those people that will get my errands done at 9 in the morning on a Monday. This is the time when all the old ladies are out doing their errands and I can just zoom by them and get my shit done.

The weekends however, are when the old ladies stay in (because they know better) and the young ones come out, along with all their children. I cannot stand to go to a store where there are children running around and people bumping their carts and standing in front of things that I want for 20 minutes. It's just way too stressful for me and frankly downright annoying.

This brings me to my next point. Because everyone is running around like crazy people on the weekends, this means that the roads are just as bad. I just got back from driving Chris to work and on our trip there I noticed this girl, talking on her phone, riding my ass. Okay let's stop, my driving motto is that if your going to drive like a douche nozzle, I'm going to drive like a douche nozzle just to piss you off more. And begin. So she then changed lanes really quick to speed past me, but then I (the feisty devil that I am) waited for her to get eye to eye with me and Chris and he gave her the "what's up" nod. I then sped up even more to block her from passing me. This didn't make her very happy. I however, felt great.

She then had to changed back into my lane behind me and resumed to riding my ass. I then changed into the other lane and politely let her pass me. As she passed me, she gave Chris and I the finger. My work was done. So thank you shitty cell phone driver girl for putting a little pazaz into my day.

Let's rant together, what's your latest road rage story?

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Amanda Schroeder said...

Hahaha. I seriously thought these bad drivers only existed in Utah. Ummm...I think it's funny when people get pissed off that I'm going only 5 over the speed limit, and they freak out at me and flip me off, and more, and I Just smile and wave. It's the best.

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