Friday's Letters

Dear Jarritos soda, I love your limey goodness. Drinking out of a glass bottle makes it so much better too. Dear Chris, being able to spend one day with you out of this whole month is totally worth the wait. Dear sweat suit, don't ever let me take you off, you are ever so comfy. Dear fishy wishys at home, sorry I can't feed you tonight. I promise you'll still make it. Dear 21 Jump Street, hilarious movie. Dear Johnny Depp, thank you for making an appearance in 21 Jump Street, made it 10x better. You're gorgeous. Dear Patches, I still don't understand your motives. You constantly wake me up early, but when I wake up 30 minutes sooner than normal, you lay there cuddled in your ball. Dear pizza bites, you turned out better than I thought you would. Good job Kelly. Dear Saturday morning, please don't come. I'd just like to repeat Friday over. Dear Women Studies book, I don't want to read you and I have no motivation too. 

Happy Weekend everyone!!

xo, k


oven of hatred

Like 3/4 of the blogger and internet world, I've been obsessing over Pinterest. I pretty much find all of my recipes here and craft inspiration, like this. I love Pinterest simply for the fact that it always deals out the most fabulous and most delicious recipes ever! 

I'm visiting Chris tomorrow for the night and I told him in return for his amazing popcorn skills I'd cook him dinner. So here I am, sitting it the kitchen making the meal he'll be devouring come Friday night. You may ask why aren't I making it there? For those of you who don't know, me and his oven have a hate/hate relationship. I don't like it one bit. So I'm baking it here, at home, in the wonderful oven that I adore. :)

This is the delicious meal that I'm making at the moment for that man of mine. I stumbled on these amazing Pizza Bites and thought how perfect and cute they looked. I just had to make them. The recipe is super easy and you can make these little guys in a flash. So check them out! 

I'll let you know how they go over and I know even if I burn them to pieces Chris will still eat them lol. Gotta love that boy :)

Happy Thursday!!!

xo, k

Wanna Swap?

I have officially made a swap/sponsor page for kellyelizabeth! I've only swapped with other bloggers a couple of times and instantly found it a great way to gain new friends and readers. I'm so excited to partner with you guys and swap. I believe swapping buttons is a fantastic way to spread the love of blogs through the internet world. 

If your interested head on over here and check out the new page. I'll be accepting swaps for April as of now, so I'm hoping you guys would like to also!! Just shoot me an email and let me know.

Hope all of you had a great weekend and have a fabulous start to your week come Monday.

Friday's Letters

taken: 7 years ago 
Dear best friend, random shopping and Chinese buffets made for the best afternoon. Dear Chinese food, damn you good. Dear rain, why did you have to stop today? I want to actually wear my rain boots while it rains for once. Dear Hunger Games, am I the only one who doesn't understand the huge hype about this movie? I don't get it. Dear early shift at work tomorrow, be nice to me. Dear spring break, you went by to fast and I worked to much. Not cool. Dear Organix Acai Berry shampoo and conditioner, I'm so excited to shower with you tonight. Mmm mmm good. Dear mean lady, it was not necessary for you to yell at me, I did not honk at you. The other mean lady behind me did!! SO THERE! Dear stupid goldfish, I hope you survive in mom's tank, because I don't want you. Sorry. Dear Ollie, you're not going to get lucky, so stop making a bubble nest.


Kopy Kat- Bottle Cap Table

Just wanted to give you a guys a little update on a project I've recently been working on. I've had a box full of bottle caps sitting in my closet from the days of wanting to make jewelry with them. That phase of my life lasted for about two weeks until I got bored with it. that phase as made its way back in and I needed to find something to do with them. This is what became of it...

Disclaimer: I am by NO means a drunk. My parents collected these bottle caps for me from the local bar that their friend owns.

photo via CultModern

photo via Pinterest

photo via Pinterest 


My grandpa made a table for my mom that I ended up taking and painting black to match my room. I thought it needed a little jazzing up so I used the bottle caps to cover the plain black sides and add a little pop!

My glue gun broke about half way through doing the other side so I still have a bit to go on that side. I also need to find a way to cut the caps in half that hang off the side. Any ideas? Do you think just a plain saw would work?

Happy Thursday everyone!!

xo, k

and the porch sitting begins...

Ever since we built the porch onto the front of the house last year, my whole family has begun to fit in with the rest of the neighborhood. Everyone around here sits on their porch. I don't know if everyone is just curious about what the other neighbors are doing or if we are all just enjoying the sunshine. I personally, like creeping on everyone else (we got a pretty good view from our porch). But tonight, not a lot of people are out. So here I sit, with my hair in a messy bun and dressed in sweats, actually enjoying the weather. Ha! Who knew!? 

Thank you Wisconsin for this wonderful weather, it's amazing. 

xo, k

recycle your old jeans

For a woman, finding the perfect jeans is like finding the Holy Grail. We try on dozens and once we find the right ones, we love them, we nurture them, and we keep them safe like they were our best friend. Today I told myself that I would wear these one pair one last time and then they need to be thrown away. They've had a good run, but when there's a hole ripping wider and wider every day in the crotch, it's time I stop wearing them. As I took them off for the last time, I still had a hard time wanting to put them in the trash. These are pretty decent jeans, other then the gaping hole and I thought there has to be something  I can do with them. 

And here's what came out of it. Don't throw away your old jeans, RECYCLE THEM!! There's so many things you can make with your old jeans, and here's one fabulous idea. 

Plastic Bag Holder

1. Start with your old jeans and turn them inside out. Cut along the dotted line.

2. You're left with the 2 legs. I wanted the 2 ends to be around the same size so I cut off the thigh portion of the jeans.

3. Take one leg and sew the bottom. I did a few row of stitches just to make sure the material would stay together.

4. Make a handle by cutting a strip out of another portion of the jeans and sew it on. There you go, a great way to recycle your old jeans and hold all those plastic bags that gather in your closet.

I'm using the rest of the fabric to make something else, so check back soon for another great recycling idea!!

xo, k

Red Hot Cheetah Nails

I used this tutorial from The Beauty Department to make the cheetah spots. Hope you like it!!
photo via 

Happy Weekend everyone, have a great one!!

xo, k

make your own curling wand

I've had the same curling iron for several years now, because I'm too cheap to buy a better and newer one. But the one I have gets the job done and I don't mind so much. I usually don't even use the clamp on my iron, I use it more like a curling wand. I thought to myself why haven't I just taken the clamp off? 

and light bulb!

Again, I'm too cheap to buy a curling wand and why would I when I can just convert my curling iron into one? Some of you might be thinking the same thing here. So today, on this lovely Thursday afternoon, I'm giving a little step by step tutorial on how to convert your curling iron into a curling wand! Using just a normal Philips screwdriver, you can get this done. 

It's very simple and I hope it works out for you. Now go enjoy your brand new (in a way) curling wand!

Happy Thursday everyone!!

xo, k

Friday's Letters

Dear Patches, you make me so happy when I come home from a boring day at work, just sitting there with your sweet kitty smile. :) Dear Lee Brice, you have one sexy voice and you make the best fried chicken for sure. Dear beautiful cousin of mine, congratulations on the first baby! Can't wait to watch him/her grow! Dear creepy mean guy at work, do you a grudge against our ginger workers? Because that glare you gave him scared me. Dear new betta fish, please eat. I really don't want to find you floating anytime soon. Dear Marie Antoinette (the movie), you're better each time I watch you. Dear Wisconsin, you must have read my last letter, because the weather has been pretty good lately. I thank you for that. Dear mom, you have always made the best food and that'll never change. Dear yoga pants, I'll probably never actually wear you to a yoga session, but you are just so darn comfortable. Dear morning, please come slowly, I would really like some sleep tonight. Thanks


xo, k


Project Gone Wrong

Do you ever that project that you think is such a great idea and can't wait to try it out and then when you do, it turns out to be a piece of garbage? Well a while back, I came across this beautiful art piece that came from Char, quest blogging on Jen's Tatortots and Jello (woah   links!) I absolutely loved it and really wanted to try one out for myself. Me and my friend, Bria grabbed some old paintings that we didn't like anymore and went to work. 

The project was going great, we were doing all the steps perfectly and having a blast. I believe it started going downhill around the time I started putting plaster on my canvas for a more "textured" look. Overall, the project was a big fail on my part (Bria's turned out great). I didn't like the finished look at all and I'm still determining whether I want to try and save it or just rip the canvas off and start over.

I thought I would show you guys some of the pictures I took of us just for kicks. Enjoy!

If you are wondering what the heck I was going for, I wanted two silhouettes of cats on there. Here's what the finished work looked like. blehh :(

I'm just not okay with how it turned out at all. There's a lot of things wrong with it. So what do you think? Save it or scrap it? If you have any brilliant ideas that could make this work of crap amazing, let me know!!

Do any of you have any projects gone wrong? 

Happy Tuesday everyone! 
I'll be enjoying this beautiful weather that Wisconsin has decided to bless us with today. 

xo, k

friday's letters

here's the start of the slush snow storm coming in. gross.
Dear Wisconsin, I don't know if I can handle your freak weather anymore. Either stay warm or stick with the snow, preferably warm weather is good. Dear new Coach rain boots, thank you for saving my feet from getting soaked in the slush snow storm going on tonight. Dear Harry, Ron, and Hermonine, you once again have stolen my whole heart with your unbelievable friendship. Wish I was apart of it. Dear Boyfriend, thank you for keeping me warm at night in your freezing cold apartment. Dear candy, you hit every nerve in my body with your delicious sweetness and I love it. Dear Kylee, thanks for introducing me to this wonderful Friday's Letters link. Here's to my first one! Dear self, you need to start remembering certain makeup tools more often. You know I don't like using my fingers to apply my foundation.  Dear socks, stop falling off in my boots. It's really annoying when I have a bunched up sock down there. Dear car, you deserve a good pat on the hood for all the hard work you do driving in this crappy weather. You're a real hero. Dear Dad, I miss you a ton and can't wait to see you this weekend. :)

enjoy it.

xo, k


eleven things.

Here's to my first blogger chain posts. Dana over at the Wonder Forest tagged all of her readers so I thought why not hop on and try it out. I loved reading her questions and eleven random facts so go over there and check it out! NOW!

Here are the rules:

1. Post these rules
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them that you've tagged them

My photo:

My eleven random things:

1. When I eat mac and cheese, I pile on the black pepper and cayenne pepper. I enjoy the black pepper in my mac because that's what my dad use to always do when he made me and my brother mac and cheese. He would always make it with hot dogs and black pepper. I reminds me of the good ol' days of being a kid. I just like the taste of cayenne pepper, so nothing special there.

2. If something is dirty, I need to clean it. For example, Chris' bedroom at the moment doesn't even have a floor at the moment. Some major cleaning will be going down.

3. When I have food urges, I'll binge on that food for like a week then won't eat it for a few more months until the craving comes back. Like Ruffles Potato chips and french onion dip, mmmmmmmm.

4. I need to brush my teeth before bed. If I don't have that minty flavor in my mouth, I can't sleep. 

5. I'm really a crappy baker. I'm real big on the whole trial and error thing, it usually takes a few tries before I get it perfect. 

6. I hate Monopoly with a passion.

7. I'm going to marry Johnny Depp one day. That pirate is all mine.

8. I'm addicted to candy. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's considered candy I'll eat it. However my favorite are the chewy sweet tarts (like the little round ones). mmm mmm good.

9. I'm not really a fan of small children and don't know if I actually ever want my own. I can barely handle the one I have now (referring to my little hair ball of child).

10. Bald people creep me out

11. When I was young I believed that clouds were made from the factories smoke stacks. I was very confused when my science teacher told me otherwise. I think I still like my theory, its a bit more creative. 

Here's what Dana asked:

1. Do you ever wish on thing? I wish on dandelions. Truthfully I just like watching the little seeds blow in the wind.
2. Would you shave your head for $10,000? Never, absolutely not. My hair is my security blanket and $10,000 wouldn't make me think otherwise.
3. What is one mistake that you wish you could go back and try again? Turning right instead of left and ending up on the other side of the state. Not cool.
4. Jeans or leggings? Jeggings, bam beat that.
5. Have you ever spit on someone? If myself counts then yes, several times. (Unexpected wind change)
6. What's the first thing you do when wake up and get out of bed? Open my curtains, I love letting the sun come in in the morning.
7. When was your first kiss? 8th grade
8. Have you ever done anything illegal? The only thing 'illegal' I can think about doing is doing a u-turn on the highway. I'm not very dangerous.
9. If you could breed magical animals, what kind would you have? Phoenix, so if I ever get stuck in a situation with a Basilisk, he'll pluck his eye out.
10. Have you ever read someone elses diary? A million times yes.
11. If you could get rid of one thing in the entire world, what would it be? Money, it'd solve a lot of issues. 

My questions for you:

1. What is a weird habit that you have?
2. How much money do you think you've spent on the underwear in your underwear drawer? (mine's at least $300, Vickies is not cheap)
3. What time era would you like to live in?
4. If you were a Harry Potter character, which one would you want to be?
5. Any late night cravings?
6. You're traveling, which do you take: Boat, plane, or train?
7. What is the hokey pokey really all about?
8. You're an animal hoarder, what animal is over crowding your home?
9. Chocolate on your popcorn?
10. Would you ever tryout on American Idol?
11. Bow-tie or tie?

I tag all of you guys to go ahead and do this! I think it's a fun way to get to know your fellow bloggers and I can't just tag one person. So do it....please :)

Happy Thursday everyone! 

xo, k
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