Obession: dip dyed hair

So my current hair obsession at the moment is dip dyeing the ends of your hair. I've been loving this trend and think it's such a fun and neat way to add color and did I mention it's perfect for summer!? I'm thinking this weekend I'm taking a trip to the mall to pick up some bleach and hair color. I love the look of pink and purple and I might go with a blend of the two throughout my hair. 

I love this because once the dye starts fading and getting to that nasty color that you don't want, you can either re-dye it or just cut off your ends!! Simple has that. Have fun looking through some of my favorite dip dyed pictures. 





What are your thoughts on this hot new summer trend?

Happy Thursday everyone! Have a wonderful day :)

frozen strawberry lemonade

One of my favorites things to drink during summer is the frozen strawberry lemonade from McDonalds. I absolutely love the citrus and sweetness of the drink and it is so refreshing on hot summer afternoons. Yesterday I made a pitcher of lemonade and in popped the thought of making it a frozen lemonade. I threw it in the blender and then realized how even more amazing it would be to add strawberries. So I did. YUM!!

Ingredients needed:

-pitcher of lemonade
-lemon juice
-fresh strawberries

1. Mix up your pitcher of lemonade. I used Country Time lemonade and just followed the directions. If you want to make it from scratch, be my quest!

2. Take out your blender and puree a handful of strawberries (cut off the stems first!). Pour the mixture into your glass and give the blender a quick rinse. Next blend together the lemonade, ice, and lemon juice. Use as much lemon juice as you want to get the citrusy taste you like.

3. Pour the frozen lemonade mix on top of the strawberry puree. Swirl and enjoy!

Summer Daze Nails- a tutorial

Today I bring you a nail tutorial that's perfect to show off in summer. It involves a bunch of bright summery colors along with the always beautiful french tip. So lets get this tutorial started!

Pick out five bright base colors that you want to use to cover your whole nail. Then pick another five to use as the tip color of your nails. I picked out four for each then just switched the base and tip colors.

left to right: Sally Hansen's Mint Sorbet, Wet n Wild Blazed, Sally Hansen's Green With Envy, Wet n Wild On A Trip, Delia's Pink Sands
First, paint each of your nails with one of the colors you chose for a base color. Paint two-three coats depending on the color and polish.

left to right: Delia's Pink Sands, Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue, Sally Hansen's Coral Reef, Sally Hansen's Barracuda, Sally Hansen's Mint Sorbet
Second, paint your tips in a french tip type manner with the colors you chose for your tips. Match the colors so that combine well with the other. Or totally just wing it and mix match how you like. Helpful tip: when doing the tip, move your finger and let the brush glide easily over the nail. It's a lot easier then moving the brush across the nail. 

Lastly, finish off with a shiny top coat and seal in that beautiful artwork.

Thanks for stopping in, I hope you all enjoyed this nail tutorial. Stick around there are a bunch more to come!!

Happy Tuesday and have a wonderful day!

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!! I just wanted to do a quick post to show my thanks for everyone who is or has or will be serving in the military. I thank you for everything that you have done for our country and everything that you have accomplished in making our country better. So even if most people for the true meaning of Memorial Day, today is all for you.

Thank you to my older brother, James who joined the Air Force in 2009. He is overseas at the moment and is coming back to the states soon. Miss him like crazy and can't wait for him to be home!

Thank you to my friend Michael who serves in the Marines. He has been stationed in Japan for the past year and hopefully he can come home soon! He's got a great girl back in the states waiting for him. (shout out to Kim!) :)

Thank you to my friend/ brother-in-law (through years of friendship with the wife). Brian is with the Air Force and also stationed over in Japan and currently living with his wonderful wife and my best friend, Nikki.

And a HUGE thank you to all the men and women who serve!!

remember this

Memorial Day Cupcakes

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! I hope all the barbecuing and camping festivities are treating you well. I'm staying inside this weekend getting chores and errands done and doing some cat sitting for Bria later tonight. I work at The Home Depot and it gets pretty crazy there during Memorial Day weekend. To try and keep everyone in good spirits, my supervisor and I decided to hold a Cupcake War between the cashiers. So after working this morning, I continued to practice in becoming the next cupcake master. My first batch went so well I was really excited to make some red, white, and blue inspired cupcakes!

I colored the batter with blue and red and put a scoop of each into each tin. I used a whipped marshmellow frosting (my favorite!). I also took it to the next level by melting some white chocolate and molding them into little stars.They looked so good and as always its very difficult not to eat something that I make. This little guy was the lucky one chosen to be devoured by me...

...and it was delicious.

Have a great weekend!!!

summer plans

But in fact, I do have a plan...

1. Keep in better touch with friends
2. Practice my photography skills
3. Join the YMCA and finally get fit
4. Avoid being sunburn (starting today, yesterday doesn't count. Aloe anyone!?)
5. Take spontaneous road trips to the places I love
6. Minimal shopping. Keep myself on a restricted budget!
7. Read the books I began several months ago
8. Build my blog, I love blogging and I love you guys
9. Take more bike rides and discover the tiny treasures of Wisconsin
10. Enjoy these next 3 months like no other

a fresh start

This early morning is wonderful. Not only am I dining like royalty on tea and oatmeal with chocolate chips but I have the wonderful view of looking at my brand new blog. Isn't she a beauty? You can thank Hannah from 17 Inch Heart for that, she's a bucket of talent. I couldn't image ever getting my blog to look like with without her help, so thank you (because I haven't yet thanked you enough lol). There's still one or two tinks that I'm trying to figure out, like how to get a GFC follow button for you guys. We lost it in the process, so hang it there! I hope you all like the new remodel, I absolutely adore it and plan on never changing it (at least for several years).

In other words, I just got back yesterday from a wonderful long weekend with the man. It was by far the best weekend spent with him so far. Wisconsin blessed us with very hot summer weather, which actually got to hot and made us hide out inside for a whole day. We went to the zoo and fed the giraffes where both of us heard our very first giraffe noises. For those of you who wonder what giraffe sound like, they sound like dinosaurs (ask Chris). The night of the solar eclipse, when the temperature finally went down, Chris took me to this small park that has it own water fall.  It was a small fall, but still beautiful. Minus the millions of bugs flying at us, it was a nice peaceful night.

Now I'm back, school is over, summer has begun, and I'm in need of something to do out of working every morning. I need to make a list of things I need to accomplish in the next 3 months. Any hints?!

Sneak Peek

I just got an email from the wonderful and beautiful Hannah Pobar from 17 Inch Heart saying she finished putting together my test blog for me. I was beyond excited and a little nervous to see what she came designed for the all new Kelly Elizabeth. Let me tell you, she blew me away. Here's a little sneak peek.....

I am SO excited for this blog to get a face lift. I'm over having a bits and pieces thrown together that don't even go together. Gahhh, I love professional blog designers. If you'd like to check out Hannah's design services, head on over here and here. She's really great to work with and has amazing talent with computers.

Thank you Hannah

Friday's Letters

Dear boyfriend, I'm so happy to finally be with you for this long weekend. Dear Giraffe's, you do indeed sound like dinosaurs. Thank you for being the best part of the zoo this afternoon. Dear tortoise, please be alive, Chris is very concerned for your  well being. Dear Italian ice cups, you are so delicious on a hot afternoon. I could eat you all day long. Dear Wisconsin, thank you for blessing us with this beautiful weather.  It is makes this weekend 100% better. Dear summer, I hope we are in for a wonderful adventure the next three months. :)

Happy Weekend Everyone!


The Pink Pony

Today was my last exam for the semester and the start of my summer. When I woke up today I wasn't expecting the day to have been as great as it had been. My wonderful friend Bria and I planned on hanging out for the afternoon which turned into an all day adventure. I hired her for the day to be my personal photographer to get some good pictures of moi for the new blog remodel (I'm so excited!! More about that later). We ventured out to her Dad's newly bought land which he liked to call The Pink Pony. Why you may ask? Because there's a large pink camper sitting in the middle of the land at the moment.

We spent all afternoon snapping picture after picture until both of our cameras were out of memory and dead. I don't think I've ever taken that many pictures in one day before. I treated each of us to ice cream then headed home. I thought that was going to be the end of the day right there until after dinner we decided to take a bike ride. I took down the bikes for the first time this year from their cob webbed hooks and off we went. 

The two of us ended up biking all over town. As we biked through downtown we passed this quaint grocery store. I've never seen it before so I made Bria stop and we walked in. Guys, this store is my obsession. It was the most adorable little grocery store I've ever seen. I wish I had my camera on me so I could've snapped some pictures, hopefully next time. My whole life living here, I never once knew about this place and it's been here for 6 years. The guy that worked there was so nice and sweet. Definitely need to go back there soon. 

We finally made it home and left straight away to pick up cupcake supplies. No day is complete without cupcakes. We made red white and blue swirled cupcakes to practice for the cupcakes I'll be making next week for Cupcake Wars at work (also, more about that later). 

Overall, today was an amazing start to my summer. Spending it all with the best friend made it even better. Tomorrow I'll finally be able to see that man of mine and it'll make this week one of the best I've had in a long time. 
and for those of you who like to look at pictures, 
feast your eyes

and some funnies...

 Happy summer everyone!!

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