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Italy Italy Italy
Okay guys, this late night post is about to blow your mind and no I am not exaggerating one bit. So the fabulous Sparkling Reviews is having an amazing giveaway and you definitely need to check it out, because you will cry if you don't.

This giveaway is for a 6 day 7 night all inclusive trip to....wait for it.......ITALY!! Yes, I'm serious, fricken Italy, pasta eating, creepy back hand waving Italy. You need to go enter, now! Head on over for the details and enter, you get 47 entries total (including blogging about it, yes I want to win).

okay, my spam is over for the night. Sleep well everyone! I'll be dreaming of the Colosseum and beautiful Italian men. 


Gracey said...

That sounds really great!!!
It looks soooo pretty!

Callie {YouDontEvenKnow} said...

Is this thing for reals?!?! I checked out the site and she's giving away a PS3 and 47 inch TV. *fingers crossed* :)

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