Waffle Cookies

Ingredients needed
1 cup oatmeal
1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon
1 cup flour
1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. salt
1 stick of butter
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup maple syrup
2 eggs

To begin, mix the dry and wet ingredients in separate bowls then combine and mix well. You'll end up with a big blob of gooey goodness. Probably ate a little too much of this dough....I couldn't help myself. We all do it, no judging. 

Next, heat up your waffle iron. Try to stay away from Belgium waffle makers, they're a little too deep for this cookie, regular waffle irons work fabulous. Coat the iron with some spray on Pam or any non-stick spray you have laying around the house. Once the iron heats up, drop a spoonful (about 1 Tbl) of the dough onto each section of the iron. Like so....

Close the lid and let cook for about 1 1/2 minutes. After a few rounds I let them sit in there for about 2 1/2 minutes for crisper cookies. You can leave them in there for more or less time depending on your cookie preference. They come out looking like this....

A miniature waffle!!! So cute!

For the icing I used some left over frosting that my mother made for spritzer cookies the day before. But you can make really easy icing by melting 4 oz of either white chocolate chips or semisweet chocolate chips. Once the cookies have cooled dip the cookies into the icing and use sprinkles for some bling bling on top. They're great without icing too, pour some maple syrup on them and eat them for a quick breakfast!! Dessert for breakfast, gotta love it. 

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving dudes!
correction... happy LATE thanksgiving. (oops) 

Just wanted to stop in and say i hope everyone had a beautiful thanksgiving and ate as much food as I did. I ate one meal Thursday and it lasted all day. I was in a food coma, nuff' said. 

kelly elizabeth

Talkative Tuesdays- Hairy Men

I thought of "Talkative Tuesdays" while doing the dishes and thought this would be a perfect segment for me to blabble on about whatever I wanted. Every Tuesday i'll inform you guys about what I'm doing, places I visited, things I saw, stuff like that. I think it'll be fun, kinda like stalking, but I do it for you.

currently listening to: The Lion King- "Circle of Life" :)

So here's to another day dedicated to sitting on my ass doing nothing but blogging. It has quickly become my addiction to perfect my blog and stumble through other blogs for inspiration. I've been off of work for the past two days which in other words means "lets not accomplish anything today." But come to think of it, I have accomplished a few things today already. I did drag my booty out of bed at 7:00am this fine winter morning and made my self presentable with the help of a shower and makeup. I did take my math exam that I totally owned like a boss and I did make new links to my different pages for my blog. !! That one was the most exciting because I'm technology retarded and it took me forever (check them out, many of them don't have a full page yet, but a few do) So actually, I did accomplish something today, good for you Kelly. I've quickly discovered the new feeling of joy I get when I do something new with my blog. Does anyone else get that, or is it just me? It's almost equivalent to the feeling of opening presents on Christmas (yes, that good).

In other news, I sit in my living room, with my cat by my side deciding whether or not to tell you about him....who am I kidding, of course I'm going to tell ya about him, because he's the shit. I'll admit it, I'm the crazy cat lady who continues to snap pictures of her cat even though his appearance never changes. I understand that, but come look at him, he's friggen adorable.

This is my man, Patches. He's an old man (10 years) but none the less, I still love him. Most people own their cats, but for me it's the other way around. Patches owns me. He decides when we wake up, when we go to sleep, when it's time to cuddle, etc. He's the mac to my cheese, the peanut butter to my jelly, and the frosting on my cake. He may annoy the hell out of me on occasion (usually on a daily basis) but I put up with it because this is what I call love, an eight pound hairball who thinks it's okay to drool on me.

Here's the other man in my life (though the two are surprisingly similar). This is Christopher and I'm currently waiting for him to get home for the holidays. He needs to hurry his booty up because I miss him and it's such a good feeling knowing he's in the same city as I am. I'll stop there before I get all mushy and gushy like the inside of a chocolate chip cookie. Ya'll don't want that (I'm not from Texas, I just like to pretend I am).

I'm all out of words for today and I think I just might go back to doing nothing for the rest of the night, I've become a professional at it.

So goodbye, au revoir, bless, arrivederci, zayt gezunt, and g'dayyyyyyyyyyy

Hehe, cat mug.

Recipe Box

I recently made my little own recipe box to hold all the recipes I've been collecting lately. This was super simple and quick. It can also be recreated and tweaked to however you like it. Enjoy!!

Materials Needed:
scrapbook paper
sticker letters
mod podge- I prefer the matte finish
box of some sort- make sure it will fit your recipe cards!!
paint and brushes- which I forgot to picture in there, sorry.
and lastly your recipe stash!

(I got all my stuff from Michael's minus the wooden box which I picked up from JoAnn Fabrics)

Firstly, I measured out the first piece of paper to fit the top square of the box. I then eyeballed the second and third piece. I decided to make my third piece an oval to had a little pazaz. Mod podge all three of those pieces, one on top of the other, onto the box, then take your stickers and write 'recipes' or whatever floats your boat. Finish with a top coat of mod podge to seal in all the goodness.

Next, lets paint!! I decided to go with a red color to compliment my color scheme of pinks. I just used some old paint that I had laying around in the basement. Go ahead and lather the paintbrush in your paint and throw on about 2-3 coats (depends on the color, mine took 2), letting dry in between coats.

JoAnn's didn't have any boxes there at the time with a flat front surface so I had to do something with those cracks. I wanted them to be white, but for some odd reason there was no white paint in the house. ?? Anywho, I grabbed a really light pink (again an old paint stash in the basement) which pretty much came out looking white. (I thanked the paint gods) and painted in the cracks with about 2 coats. I went back over with some red to touch up on a few places. 

(sorry about the wrinkly fabric, I was lazy) 

I last minutely decided to paint the inside that pink white color and was pretty happy with it. I scrapped off most of the red paint that got smudged on the gold clasp. I threw my recipe cards in and away I went. Finito!! Now I have an adorable red box to hold all my recipes!

Post a picture in the comments below if you recreate this, I would love to see the things you guys come up with!! 

thanks for stopping by, come again!
kelly elizabeth 

Ready, Set, GO!

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to my very first blog and with that my very first blog post. (oooo this is exciting!) This one post declares the birthday, the anniversary, and also the start of the beginning of my blog, epic I know. I'm new to the blogger world, so go easy on me, I'm slowly getting use to it. I just recently started checking out other bloggers and got to thinking how fun it would be to start my very own. I got ideas, I make things, I cook a lot, I eat a lot to but that's beside the point. I wanna share the stuff I create with you guys in the hopes that you'll click your little favorites button and share it with someone else and so on. Now I know I'm not Martha Stewart or Betty Crocker, hell I wish, but this is what I enjoy doing in my free time. I love wasting away a day in the kitchen making desserts that will give my whole mouth cavities or taking garbage and making it into a Tim Noble and Sue Webster creation, well not exactly but something close to that. I hope I can share these interests with some of you guys and make my blog a place you keep coming back too. There's not much to it right now but grab a snack, put your feet up, and take a peek into my creations. 

Let's not be strangers, here's a little look into my life...

(I live in a forest and forage for my food....kidding I went apple picking!)

If you haven't already guessed it, my name is Kelly, middle name, Elizabeth. Hence kellyelizabeth... k just making sure you got it. I'm a 19 years young big headed blonde girl who likes to live day by day and not worry about the future...kidding, I just don't have the slightest clue what I want to do with my life. I live in the only state that can experience all four seasons in one week, you guessed it, Wisconsin. That's alright though, I'm proud of my cheese makin' Packer lovin' state. 

I've always been a craftster. I love to create. I love to flip through craft magazines or any old magazine and re-create what I see. I also LOVE to bake, which goes along nicely with my hobby of eating. 

I first discovered craft/baking/fashion/etc blogs about a year ago. I would spend hours stumbling through your guy's blogs, looking through everything you all made. It fascinated me all the different things people were coming up with. I've learned a lot from you bloggers, so I guess this is my way of giving back and sharing my ideas with you.

Come back again soon!!

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