Talkative Tuesdays- Hairy Men

I thought of "Talkative Tuesdays" while doing the dishes and thought this would be a perfect segment for me to blabble on about whatever I wanted. Every Tuesday i'll inform you guys about what I'm doing, places I visited, things I saw, stuff like that. I think it'll be fun, kinda like stalking, but I do it for you.

currently listening to: The Lion King- "Circle of Life" :)

So here's to another day dedicated to sitting on my ass doing nothing but blogging. It has quickly become my addiction to perfect my blog and stumble through other blogs for inspiration. I've been off of work for the past two days which in other words means "lets not accomplish anything today." But come to think of it, I have accomplished a few things today already. I did drag my booty out of bed at 7:00am this fine winter morning and made my self presentable with the help of a shower and makeup. I did take my math exam that I totally owned like a boss and I did make new links to my different pages for my blog. !! That one was the most exciting because I'm technology retarded and it took me forever (check them out, many of them don't have a full page yet, but a few do) So actually, I did accomplish something today, good for you Kelly. I've quickly discovered the new feeling of joy I get when I do something new with my blog. Does anyone else get that, or is it just me? It's almost equivalent to the feeling of opening presents on Christmas (yes, that good).

In other news, I sit in my living room, with my cat by my side deciding whether or not to tell you about him....who am I kidding, of course I'm going to tell ya about him, because he's the shit. I'll admit it, I'm the crazy cat lady who continues to snap pictures of her cat even though his appearance never changes. I understand that, but come look at him, he's friggen adorable.

This is my man, Patches. He's an old man (10 years) but none the less, I still love him. Most people own their cats, but for me it's the other way around. Patches owns me. He decides when we wake up, when we go to sleep, when it's time to cuddle, etc. He's the mac to my cheese, the peanut butter to my jelly, and the frosting on my cake. He may annoy the hell out of me on occasion (usually on a daily basis) but I put up with it because this is what I call love, an eight pound hairball who thinks it's okay to drool on me.

Here's the other man in my life (though the two are surprisingly similar). This is Christopher and I'm currently waiting for him to get home for the holidays. He needs to hurry his booty up because I miss him and it's such a good feeling knowing he's in the same city as I am. I'll stop there before I get all mushy and gushy like the inside of a chocolate chip cookie. Ya'll don't want that (I'm not from Texas, I just like to pretend I am).

I'm all out of words for today and I think I just might go back to doing nothing for the rest of the night, I've become a professional at it.

So goodbye, au revoir, bless, arrivederci, zayt gezunt, and g'dayyyyyyyyyyy

Hehe, cat mug.

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Liesl said...

You are both adorable! Cute pictures and I love that you were listening to "The Circle of Life"...such a great song! Hope you had a fun-filled Thanksgiving and that you enjoy the holidays with your the men in your life! :)

Liesl :)

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