Sylus: a Christmas surprise

If you already follow me on Instagram then you will have already seen this special gift of mine. If you don't, you should, because I link it ever so nicely for you right there. But for Christmas this year, I got quite a surprise when I came into work one day. It was Kid's Workshop at Home Depot so I was busy stopping children from eating paint or smashing their finger with a hammer. While my coworker and I were cleaning up, my supervisor called me over and said she had something for me.

Being someone who loves getting things, I ran right over with a smile on my face. She pulled out a big ol' box wrapped to the nines in wrapping paper. I was so shocked at first, thinking how nice and thoughtful she was for getting me a Christmas present. She handed me the box and in 2 seconds my face went from having a huge smile to my heart almost beating out of my chest. The box meowed and I started crying.

After that moment, I realized just how nuts I am about cats. Who cries when given a cat? I pulled the little guy out of his box and he snuggled right into my arms. I could feel his heart beat beating just as fast as mine. I was given a kitten for Christmas, one of the most surprising gifts I have ever been given. The other being a ham from the Christmas before. No one has ever gifted me a ham before.

So everyone, meet Sylus. He's a maniac, but he covers it up nicely with his sweet little face.

Recipe // Holiday Candies

 Merry after Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful and beautiful holiday and were able to spend some quality time with those loved ones. I have an exciting post coming up where I'm going to show you a special something I got for Christmas, but today I'm sharing with you one of my favorite holiday treats. These little goodies are so addicting and sometimes difficult to pry your hands away from. Christmas may be over and done with, but you can stay in the holiday spirit with these or even make them for a New Years bash. Or just make them for yourself as a after Christmas present to you.

I partnered with Tiny Prints to bring you this deliciously inspired recipe today. After being contacted with Tiny Prints I began to notice their cards everywhere. While at my family Christmas, I swear my Grandma had over 10 cards that were printed from Tiny Prints. They have beautiful holiday cards that can be personalized to your liking and trust me, you can get very creative with these cards. Tiny Prints has so many cards to choose from and not just holiday cards.... I'm ordering my birthday cards the second I'm done writing this post.

Enjoy the sweets my lovely bloggers 

(disclosure: Tiny Prints provided me with greeting cards for this post) 

winter scenes on the farm

After stuffing my face with turkey and mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving, I snuck outside to snap some pictures. It was a beautiful snowy afternoon and my Grandmas has an even more beautiful backyard, that happens to be a several acres large. The horses were up close to the barn and the second I started snapping away at them, they became very intrigued and got closer. I love getting close ups of horses, their eyes are so darn gorgeous. After a while my hands became numb, but I continued to grab some close ups of things around the farm. Then I went back inside and ate more pie. 

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