Re-purpose your old bath tub, don't throw it out!!

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So I have recently been seeing a very odd DIY around the blog/tumblr/flickr-sphere and that is how to re-purpose an old bath tub into a couch! Say what!? Yeah, don't throw out those tubs, keep them and make a couch out of them! Brilliant right? Since I don't have my own place nor do I have my own unused tub to re-purpose, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite finds. These pictures will definitely get the creative juices flowing. Now if only my mother would let my take out the tub to do this DIY...

These ones are my favorite and would love to have some in my future backyard. These claw foot tubs can be found at a lot of yard sales and even building supply junk yards. They can easily cut it half for you or if you have a saw, do it yourself! This etsy shop sales them pre-made, if you have $1200 to spend.

This tub was re-purposed into a green garden. I also adore this idea. You could set this baby in the center of your garden and fill it with all sorts of plants. Maybe even bury it and turn it into a pond? 

images : 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 

Awesome right?! Can't wait to get my hands on a claw foot tub. Hope you all enjoyed! 

my weekend: Chicago, soccer game, and awesomeness

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I'm back!! Many of you know that  I spent my weekend in Chicago with Chris and his brother and his brother's girlfriend. It was a fabulous weekend and I have a huge place in my heart for the big city now. During the 6 hour car ride we took there, I was bitter about paying the 5 tolls to drive on the Illinois highways, but they have some damn nice highways in that state. You got me there Illinois. I also learned that Illinois residents don't give two shits about the speed limit, especially the mini vans. I was glad Chris was driving. 

Saturday we woke up early and drove straight into the city. Sabrina, Andrew's girlfriend and also a professional Illinois driver, gave us a quick tour around before we parked. It made me dizzy to look out the window up at the skyscrapers, but I loved looking at the beautiful buildings, wishing I owned a condo in one of them. We parked the car and walked along the shore before going to the Field Museum. I found out where Oprah lived (she's got a pretty nice place). After that we walked to the silver bean and also the fountain. I instantly fell in love with the city while walking around it. If I wasn't such a baby about needing to stay close to my mom, I would live there. 

Saturday night we went to the Chicago Fire soccer game. Chris was as excited as a 5 year old on Christmas and I finally got into when I got pissed off at one of the opposing players. The douche lord pushed over the camera man's television camera just because it was in his way. I don't know why I got so upset about this, but I was giving the dude the mental finger all throughout the game. The Fire won the game (woop!) and we went home. Sunday was a lazy morning, because we all pooped. Sabrina and Andrew took us out to breakfast and then sent us on the road. A great end to a short weekend. :)

And for those of you who don't like reading or don't know how, these pictures are for you. I stole a couple of Andrew's photos, because he snapped a few good ones. His are the better quality ones. Enjoy!

the windy city

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Today, Chris and I are heading down to the windy city for the weekend. We're visiting his brother who lives there and we're going to my very first professional soccer game, Chicago Fire vs. Columbus. I'm super excited for this weekend and just excited to get out of Wisconsin, it's been a while. I'm hoping to get lots of pictures that of course I'll post about, but for now I bid you adue, because I have a 6 hour car ride ahead of me. Lovely.

Happy weekend everyone, have a great one!!

Birchbox #4- September

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Annnnnnnnd it's that time of month once again! I literally waited for my mail man everyday for a week to see if he had my little box in hand. It finally cam the other day and like I always say, it's like Christmas! I'm so happy with my decision to join Birchbox, I love getting little samples of new products and have fallen in love with so many new products since I joined. Here's what I got in this month's box :) 

Fall Lookbook
They sent along this little pocket book full of fun fall looks to try. 
There is hair and nail tutorials and super cute fall outfits.
Band-Aid Cynthia Rowley
I adore these. I'm a huge first aid freak (I have 3) so I love the fact
that I can add these cute and girly band aids to my kit. 
Now who cares if I get a cut, cuz I'm going to look fricken fly. 

Twirl by Kate Spade
I love perfume samples. This one by Kate Spade is a very
strong yet feminine scent. I'm more of a flowery girl, but I might 
use this on a date night or night out. 

Benefit Facial Washes
I haven't used these yet, but I'm super excited.
The packaging is so cute and makes me that more excited to try it out. 

Color Club Polish and Twistband
One word: amazeballs. 

Dr. Jart BB Cream
This is an awesome product. It's a primer, moisturizer, foundation, and sunscreen
all in one. The only thing I dislike about it is that the sunscreen
smell is a little to over powering.

That's it! Now the wait begins for October's box. Hurry up mail man! Hope you guys enjoyed seeing what was in this months box. If you haven't already, get your booty over to Birchbox now and sign up, you won't regret it!!

Nail Polish Swap Link Up

About a month ago I signed up for a nail polish swap over at Rachael's lovely blog. I'm always up for chances to get nail polish, so you bet your grandma's donkey I hopped onto this bag wagon. I was paired up with wonderful Danielle and here's what she got me! 

lala Lists

(left to right) Daredevil, Dream On, Innocent, Savage
Danielle got me 4 super bright neon colors from Sinful Colors. I've been wearing the pink like non-stop for the past 2 weeks and couldn't love it more, can't wait to try out the others! Thank you so much Danielle <3

Guest Post- Mrs. in the Making

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Today, I'm letting a wonderful girl take over the blog. I'm just going to get back to being lazy in bed, so please enjoy this wonderful guest! 

Hey y'all!
I'm so excited to be guest posting for Kelly today!
I'm going to be talking about my favorite time of the year...
Did I mention that my name was also, Autumn?
It's definitely not a coincidence.
I am a 100% October baby.

I love everything about this time of year,
but today I'm going to share my Top 3 Fall Favorites!

#1. Fall wardrobes! 
Oh how I adore scarves, boots and earth tones.
I also consider a pumpkin spice latte to be the best fall accessory.

#2.  Halloween!
I have always loved dressing up for Halloween.
My goal this year is to get my hubby to dress up in a couple costume with me.
It's going to happen.
He just doesn't know it yet.
Halloween also gives me the perfect excuse to dress my furbaby up
without the fear of people looking at me like I'm crazy.

 #3. Thanksgiving!
I love family time
and I love food.
So Thanksgiving is the best of both worlds!
I also love the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
I've watched it for as far back as I can remember.
Actually going to the parade is on my bucket list.
and when Thanksgiving comes around, 
that also means that it is almost time to decorate for Christmas!

I could go on and on,
but I will stop for now.
Happy almost-fall!!!
Come visit me sometime


100 Followers Giveaway!! // CLOSED

 I'm on my second week of school already and it's going great! I love all my classes and my professors this year, I got super lucky. My one pop culture professor makes coffee for everyone every class and talks like he's on crack, he's very interesting. Blog posts might be a little scarce for a while, with me getting back into doing homework, so bare with me! Other than school, everything in life is fantastic right now!


And it's even more fantastic for you wonderful people, because today I am having my first ever giveaway!! I reached 100 followers the other day and I couldn't have been more excited. IT makes me so happy knowing that you guys enjoy what I have to write, so this giveaway is my thanks to you fabulous and beautiful people!!

Here's whats up for grabs:

Three stackable rings that are perfect for fall. I love the color combo and you can wear them all together or even by themselves! I also have a pair of pretty purple dangly earrings that are very hard for me to give up, because I love them so much!

Here's how to win:

Be a follower of Kelly Elizabeth via GFC

That's it! I know, easy! 
This giveaway is for my followers and I want you to know how thankful I am for you. 
Just comment below telling me you're a follower (comment only once please). If your email isn't on your profile, write that too.

The giveaway will end at the end of the month!

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, I'm going to enjoy not having classes on Friday's. Like today, Dear bedroom, I love when you're freshly clean and smell of my ocean side candle. YUM! (reminded of scents) Dear random girl in library yesterday, lay off the Hollister. You literally intoxicated everyone in a 20 foot radius of you. Dear vintage Schwinn bike, I am so stoked to pick you up and have you in my hands. Dear bloggie followers, thank you so much for you support! I reached 100 followers the other day and couldn't be happier! It makes me so warm and fuzzy inside knowing you actually enjoy what I write. :) Dear idiot students who I go to school with, you're idiots. Dear Vampire Diaries, I'm obsessed and I can't wait to sit my ass down and watch all of season 3. It's going to be amazeballs. Dear Fall weather, I love you. Thank you for coming.

a post where I use the word douche nozzles alot


Well, I think I can declare the summer officially over with. School is back in session and the homework will soon be piling up. I had another early morning for work today and then rushed straight to class. This is where my rant begins...

Begin rant:
Driving into campus and looking for a parking spot, I was reminded with how many douche nozzles I go to school with. I swear, you would think 18-22 year old adults would know how to park their stinkin' car. But no, they continue to 3 car park, block intersections, and simply make their own parking spots wherever the hell they feel like it. I'm glad they can't hear the things I call them from inside my car. Idiots.

Even though I had to drive a little extra (and walk a little extra) I took my parking spot in the way back of campus where no one else parks. I don't even know if I'm suppose to park there, but I do, and it works out pretty well. I'm away from all the dumb asses that don't know how to correctly park and it's quite nice, I like it.

I remember last year, I was late to class and quickly parked in the large parking area (the douche nozzle area) and ran to class. Not even a hour later I come out to find my car parked in by 2 cars that decided it was okay to park in front of me and behind me. Well one did it correctly, the other one must have been blind. I was so pissed. If I was brave enough I probably would've keyed "douche nozzle" into the side of their cars. Luckily there was a kind man who asked if I needed helped getting out. I said "have at her" and he finally got me out through a very narrow crack. That man (who had a very cute accent) was not a douche nozzle in my book.

In case any of the people that go to my school that drive like a bunch of drunk monkeys read this post, know that I dislike you. Very very much. I don't know if you were asleep during the parking session of Drivers Ed. but take some time and learn how. Thank you.

End rant.

p.s. if anyone wants to make those cards in the above picture, I would love you for forever. I need them. A lot of them.

another failed DIY

I love doing DIY projects, but sometimes I suck at it. Some people can DIY anything and it comes out looking amazeballs. Not when Kelly does it! A while back, I found a tutorial for making your own mod podge. If I could marry mod podge, I would, I absolutely love it! So making my own gigantic jar of it for free instead of buying it for $8 at the craft store, I jumped on that like a runaway to a train. I was super stoked, until I actually made it.

I'll show you step by step on how NOT to make your own mod podge. Enjoy! 

1. Get your supplies
2. Fill jar half with water, half with glue.
3. Shake the hell out of it.

So here's what went wrong. I think the proportions of half and half are wrong. The podge definitely needs more glue in it. My jar came out looking exactly like milk. Pretty sure if I put it in the fridge, my mom would put it in her cereal. It was just a big pile of watered down glue. The podge was disgusting and not at all what I was hoping for. I'll probably dump some out and add more glue, hopefully I can save it. If you are going to try this DIY use 1/4 of water and 3/4 glue. I believe those measurements will work a lot better and won't end up giving you a jar of watery goo.

If you've tried this DIY and it worked out, let me know!! Or if you have any tips on fixing where I went wrong, leave them in the comments below!

my new obsession: bikes

I've recently become crazy obsessed with vintage bikes. I find them orgasmicly beautiful and everything about them is amazeballs. I believe it was Bekuh's remodel of her vintage bike that got me crazy about getting my own bike and spicing it up. I've been running like a mad man through every website searching for the perfect vintage bike for cheap. While looking, I came to adore the look of a Schwinn bike. I think they are super pretty and I just love the look of the vintage models.

A few days ago, I found the perfect one on craigslist for a really good price. I almost fell off my bed with excitement when I grabbed my phone and called the dude asking if he still had it, and he did!! WOOT WOOT!! I'm still waiting to go get it, just to make sure that I do want to get the bike and commit to remodeling it (my boyfriend would be so proud of me). The bike man lives about an hour from my house an my friend Bria and I are going to a festival in a few weeks that drives right through where he lives....sooooo, I might end up coming back with a beautiful vintage bike. And I'm dying inside.

Just so this post has some pretty pictures, I decided to share with you some of my favorite pictures of beautiful vintage bikes that make my mouth water. If they don't to yours, oh well.


 I can't wait to pick that baby up. :)

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