another failed DIY

I love doing DIY projects, but sometimes I suck at it. Some people can DIY anything and it comes out looking amazeballs. Not when Kelly does it! A while back, I found a tutorial for making your own mod podge. If I could marry mod podge, I would, I absolutely love it! So making my own gigantic jar of it for free instead of buying it for $8 at the craft store, I jumped on that like a runaway to a train. I was super stoked, until I actually made it.

I'll show you step by step on how NOT to make your own mod podge. Enjoy! 

1. Get your supplies
2. Fill jar half with water, half with glue.
3. Shake the hell out of it.

So here's what went wrong. I think the proportions of half and half are wrong. The podge definitely needs more glue in it. My jar came out looking exactly like milk. Pretty sure if I put it in the fridge, my mom would put it in her cereal. It was just a big pile of watered down glue. The podge was disgusting and not at all what I was hoping for. I'll probably dump some out and add more glue, hopefully I can save it. If you are going to try this DIY use 1/4 of water and 3/4 glue. I believe those measurements will work a lot better and won't end up giving you a jar of watery goo.

If you've tried this DIY and it worked out, let me know!! Or if you have any tips on fixing where I went wrong, leave them in the comments below!


Eliza B said...

Haha I like that you're ok with telling us it was a total fail - makes me feel better about all the DIY's I've screwed up! ;)

The Thrifty Challenge said...

I've had many a DIY stuff up myself, I have enough trouble when I'm using proper mod podge so haha, I wouldn't even attempt to make it.
Hope your next diy project turns out better :)

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