a post where I use the word douche nozzles alot


Well, I think I can declare the summer officially over with. School is back in session and the homework will soon be piling up. I had another early morning for work today and then rushed straight to class. This is where my rant begins...

Begin rant:
Driving into campus and looking for a parking spot, I was reminded with how many douche nozzles I go to school with. I swear, you would think 18-22 year old adults would know how to park their stinkin' car. But no, they continue to 3 car park, block intersections, and simply make their own parking spots wherever the hell they feel like it. I'm glad they can't hear the things I call them from inside my car. Idiots.

Even though I had to drive a little extra (and walk a little extra) I took my parking spot in the way back of campus where no one else parks. I don't even know if I'm suppose to park there, but I do, and it works out pretty well. I'm away from all the dumb asses that don't know how to correctly park and it's quite nice, I like it.

I remember last year, I was late to class and quickly parked in the large parking area (the douche nozzle area) and ran to class. Not even a hour later I come out to find my car parked in by 2 cars that decided it was okay to park in front of me and behind me. Well one did it correctly, the other one must have been blind. I was so pissed. If I was brave enough I probably would've keyed "douche nozzle" into the side of their cars. Luckily there was a kind man who asked if I needed helped getting out. I said "have at her" and he finally got me out through a very narrow crack. That man (who had a very cute accent) was not a douche nozzle in my book.

In case any of the people that go to my school that drive like a bunch of drunk monkeys read this post, know that I dislike you. Very very much. I don't know if you were asleep during the parking session of Drivers Ed. but take some time and learn how. Thank you.

End rant.

p.s. if anyone wants to make those cards in the above picture, I would love you for forever. I need them. A lot of them.


Eliza B said...

I love the card picture haha! And that certainly sounds frustrating! Btw just saw that I am your 100th follower that makes me feel special :p


Aubree @ Macarons and Stilettos said...

Haha, OMG this post made my day! :) I also go to a university where no one knows how to park and the parking part is like the most frustrating part about going to class. So I'm with you and I totally feel your pain!

By the way, those cards are awesome. I would suggest going to vistaprint.com. I use them for my business cards and they are usually super cheap. You could just use one of their simple card templates and type in the text :)

xo Aubree

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

You're really funny! So glad I found your blog. New follower! Hope you follow my journey as well. ;)

Brittany said...

College parking lots are the worst!! I hate it. Last year someone stole my tabs! Not cool. Jerks.

Chelsea Dawn said...

Love it!!! If I got my hands on those cards, they would be gone in a few hours, if that.

You should google "mickey mouse parking" and there are some really funny business cards, same idea!!


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