Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, I'm going to enjoy not having classes on Friday's. Like today, Dear bedroom, I love when you're freshly clean and smell of my ocean side candle. YUM! (reminded of scents) Dear random girl in library yesterday, lay off the Hollister. You literally intoxicated everyone in a 20 foot radius of you. Dear vintage Schwinn bike, I am so stoked to pick you up and have you in my hands. Dear bloggie followers, thank you so much for you support! I reached 100 followers the other day and couldn't be happier! It makes me so warm and fuzzy inside knowing you actually enjoy what I write. :) Dear idiot students who I go to school with, you're idiots. Dear Vampire Diaries, I'm obsessed and I can't wait to sit my ass down and watch all of season 3. It's going to be amazeballs. Dear Fall weather, I love you. Thank you for coming.


Dilan Dilir said...

I´m in love with the photo! and fresh and clean bedroom sounds awesome..

Silver {A Silver Snapshot} said...

Your blog is so cute and peaceful. Also, high five from a fellow Vampire Diaries fan! Can't wait for season 4. Newest follower :)

Silver from A Silver Snapshot

Dorien said...

I'm definitely looking forward to fall as well, really. And I'm so excited every time I find out I have a new follower or even a new comment! It's amazing :) xo

blackberryfashion said...

The picture is so pretty <3 I'm following you now :)

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