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1. How sad is this? I'm not a hard core Gleek, but I do watch the show when it hits Netflix and I adore it. To find out that one of the main stars of the show passed away just the other day is so sad. Yesterday I was glued to the celebrity news shows to listen in on what was going on surrounding Cory's death. They kept reading tweets from his fans and tweets sent to Lea and the cast of Glee. I'm telling you, every time they mentioned Lea and how hard this situation must be for her I was like "Oh god, here comes the tears!" Cory's passing is truly so sad and he was such a talented person. He will 100% be missed.

2. Anybody else going nuts about this movie? I'm a sucker for anything that includes Ryan Reynolds and chaotic violence. Cannot wait for this to come out.

3. This heat. It makes a person crazy. I'm thankful I don't live where it's most dreadful, however, Wisconsin is kicking my ass. Yesterday I spent the day in short shorts and a sports bra. My mother doesn't believe in air conditioning, so I'm just going to sit in front of the fan and roast. How are you guys doing during these hot hot times?

4. Instagram. Gotta love it.

5. GFC. The whole thing with Google reader going away for good confused the crap out of me. Everyone was saying how we're not going to be able to see our followers in our sidebars anymore and how we'd have to transfer all of the blogs we follow over to Bloglovin' because we wouldn't be able to read them anymore through blogger. Then the day came and it was still all there. HUH??? I expressed my confusion on twitter and wonderful Callie helped me out. Was I the only one who didn't know Google reader was different from blogger or whatever? Glad we got that straightened out. I don't know why all ya'll were freaking out.


Vacation // Sanibel Island

So, we have hit Thursday of the vacation in beautiful Sanibel Island! This day was my 21st birthday!! Now before you ask me how many drinks I had and how drunk did I get or how many times did Bria have to hold my hair up for me, I'm going to answer with one, no, and none. I know, what a lame way to turn 21. However I had a fabulous time being sober and actually remembering the events that took place the next morning.

We had dinner at a really great place called Doc Fords. I highly recommend it if your in the area. I ordered a drink called a Sanibel Island that consisted of three types of rum, coconut and orange juice and some other crap that I had no idea what it was disgusting. I mixed it with a glass of 7up in order to finish it. I just don't think I will ever be able to consume any type of alcohol. I'm going to stick with lemonade and almond milk. That shit is amazing in cereal. 

After dinner we headed up to Captiva, the upper part of the island (and highly richer part, houses are friggen' HUGE!) and joined in on the crab races. The crab races were ridiculous and I had a complete blast. If you've never experienced crab races before, all you do is pay for a crab, name it, then sit back and watch it crawl across a table hoping it passes the line first. Stupid, I know. I was very happy that I spent my birthday night next to an old guy downing vodka and another one telling everyone to slap my ass because it was my birthday....   

The next morning we drove back up to Captiva to do some shelling on their beaches and do some more shopping in town. That night we went on a sunset cruise of Tarpon Bay, which was beautiful. But first, we got to play around with some sea critters in a touch tank. Crazy eyed crabs, starfish, and more crabs, we got to touch them all!

We then headed out onto the boat and began the cruise. It was very relaxing to be out on the water with the sun going down. We got to see dolphins and some manatees and every type of bird in Florida that were making their way back to their nests. It was a fabulous end to Sanibel Island.


Vacation // Sanibel Island

Hope you enjoyed seeing where I stayed for a week and if you didn't see it, check it out here. Today I'm sharing pictures of around town and the beach, really the only two things we did for the next couple of days. Every morning we would wake up around 8 and head out to the beach with our buckets and walk the shore for shells. Some days we found really great shells and other days we would just find dead critters laying in the sand. 

When the sun got a little to hot to handle we would head into town for some shopping. The shops down in Sanibel are all the same and I swear everything was made out of shells or had something to do with shells. We ate out at some really great restaurants, one being the Lazy Flamingo. It was a super fun place and I had an amazing chicken tender sandwich that was to die for! 


One afternoon we headed over to the Shell Museum which isn't much to talk about, but overall it was neat. Outside we ran into some little friends that after we spotted these two, we began to spot them everywhere! I'm use to seeing these lizards in pet stores, but while I was in Sanibel they were literally popping out of every nook and cranny there was.

Almost every day around noon we would be hit by a storm. So we spent that time inside, waiting it out and checking instagram. By the time the storm broke we would head right back out onto the beach for more shelling and sunbathing.

The last days of Sanibel will be up tomorrow to stay tuned for more pictures!


Vacation // Sanibel Island House Tour

I'm back!!! For those of you who don't know, I was in Florida for about a week. However I took an extra week off of doing absolutely nothing, because let's face it, coming back from vacation is hard. No one wants to do anything after being on an island for a week while laying out on the beach in your bikini. Well now I am back and ready to show off my pictures of the beautiful island of Sanibel. 

We arrived in Sanibel late Saturday evening and bought some groceries to fill up the fridge. It was dark by the time we arrived at the condo and we were all beat dead tired from flying so all we really did was unpack and hit the hay.

The next morning we were so stoked to hit the beach and do some shelling. We spent the majority of the day shelling and riding into town and mostly laying out in the sun. I snapped some pictures of the condo before it was terrorized by Bria and I. And that is where this post begins...

welcome to my crib.


The place was so beautifully decorated, it screamed Sanibel Island. Our view from the condo was equally beautiful. We sat out on the deck every morning to eat our breakfast and to listen to the waves was so calming. 

Stay tuned for more pictures, coming to you next week! 

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