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1. How sad is this? I'm not a hard core Gleek, but I do watch the show when it hits Netflix and I adore it. To find out that one of the main stars of the show passed away just the other day is so sad. Yesterday I was glued to the celebrity news shows to listen in on what was going on surrounding Cory's death. They kept reading tweets from his fans and tweets sent to Lea and the cast of Glee. I'm telling you, every time they mentioned Lea and how hard this situation must be for her I was like "Oh god, here comes the tears!" Cory's passing is truly so sad and he was such a talented person. He will 100% be missed.

2. Anybody else going nuts about this movie? I'm a sucker for anything that includes Ryan Reynolds and chaotic violence. Cannot wait for this to come out.

3. This heat. It makes a person crazy. I'm thankful I don't live where it's most dreadful, however, Wisconsin is kicking my ass. Yesterday I spent the day in short shorts and a sports bra. My mother doesn't believe in air conditioning, so I'm just going to sit in front of the fan and roast. How are you guys doing during these hot hot times?

4. Instagram. Gotta love it.

5. GFC. The whole thing with Google reader going away for good confused the crap out of me. Everyone was saying how we're not going to be able to see our followers in our sidebars anymore and how we'd have to transfer all of the blogs we follow over to Bloglovin' because we wouldn't be able to read them anymore through blogger. Then the day came and it was still all there. HUH??? I expressed my confusion on twitter and wonderful Callie helped me out. Was I the only one who didn't know Google reader was different from blogger or whatever? Glad we got that straightened out. I don't know why all ya'll were freaking out.



Brittany said...

No AC ever?!? That is insane!! Our AC went out today :( And I am dying

Chelsea @ Life Unpublished said...

It's been ALL over the local news here in Vancouver, truly tragic!

Callie {FirstComesLove} said...

Glad I could help! I'm still deciding how I feel about GFC....

And I really think Dave must have been weirded out by how much Cory Monteith's death affected me. It was just so shocking I felt jarred by it.

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