Recipe // Raspberry Banana Popsicles

Happy August everyone! First off, I have been pathetic with blogging this summer. Besides my vacation in Florida, I haven't really done anything to blog about and really I just haven't felt like blogging at all. But this month I am redeeming myself and I am quite excited about it. I may have not blog really at all in July, but I have been planning for blogging in August.

This whole month I'll be posting homemade popsicle recipes! I've been mixing and combining new flavors and tweaking some found recipes to make the ones I bring you this month. And let me tell ya, they have turned out to be quite delicious. 

Wisconsin has had one miserable summer lately. It's just about to be August and I'm pretty sure the temperature hasn't gotten passed 70 degrees where I am. It's also down in the 40's some night. I think the state is just a little ahead of it's fall schedule. But anywho, I've decided to ignore and try and enjoy my summer and what's left of it. 

Alright, let's get into the recipe...

Raspberry Banana Popsicles

Ingredients needed:

3 TBL sugar
2 TBL lemon juice
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup plain yogurt
Popsicle molds (found mine at TJMaxx for $6)

1. Combine raspberries, 2 TBL of sugar and lemon juice in blender. Fill molds 1/3 full with mixture. Set in freezer. Set aside remaining mixture. Wash out Blender.

2. Combine bananas, yogurt, 1 TBL sugar and vanilla in blender. Remove molds from freezer and fill with banana mixture another 1/3. Set in freezer and fill to the top with remaining strawberry mixture.

3. Eat.

These popsicles turned out so good (I'll probably say that about all the recipes, just an fyi). If your not a fan of the solid flavors, fill the molds without freezing the individual layers and then take a toothpick or popsicle stick to help swirl the flavors together. I wish I had done that to taste the difference, but they were ahhmazing either way.


Elle Vee said...

Yum! :)

Allison Leighann. said...

These look so good!

I'll totally trade summers with you. It's around 97 everyday here with the humidity making it feel like it's ten degrees hotter. I'd kill for 70s right now!

Brittany said...


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