Recipe // Raspberry Lemonade Yogurt Pops

Raspberry Lemonade Yogurt Pops

Ingredients needed:
1/4 c sugar and extra
1 TBL lemon zest
1/2 c fresh lemon juice
1 1/2 c plain yogurt
6 oz raspberries

1. In blender, combine raspberries and a pinch of sugar. Blend until smooth. Pour into molds and set in freezer. 

2. In blender, add lemon zest and sugar. Give a quick mix and then add lemon juice and yogurt and stir until smooth. Pour into molds, on top of raspberry mixture and set in freezer. All done! 

See? I told you I would have more popsicle recipes coming this month. This is only the beginning. This recipe wasn't didn't turn out to be my favorite out of all the others but it is still delicious. I think next time I would swirl the two layers together to have a mixture of flavors. Always looking for improvement! Enjoy it! 


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rach. said...

YUM these look SO GOOD. totally making them ASAP. and love the blog girl, can't wait to read more! if you get the chance, make sure to check mine out! :)

love, rach.

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