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You're here to find a little bit more about the girl whose behind this blog. The girl who spends more time sitting in bed cuddled up next to her cat, jotting down ideas and inspiration more then she does outside (probably why I'm so pale...). Yep, that would be moi! I'm that big headed blonde girl named Kelly.

I'm 21 years young and currently going to school for my business management degree so I can open my own shop one day and be my own boss. I have one handsome man in my life and I pretty much think he's the bee's knees, which he is. I also have 2 of the greatest friends in the world, you should be jealous of their awesomeness. One lives 10 minutes away and the other lives across the ocean, but we make it work.

I live in the only state that can experience all four seasons in one week, you guessed it, Wisconsin. That's alright though, because one day it'll be summer and the next it'll be winter. This state keeps you guessing. 

 I'm not married nor am I a very religious person, two subjects that pretty much take over the blogging community. I just enjoy creating and keeping track of things and that's exactly what this blog is for. Stay a while and i'll show you all the things that I encounter through the days. This blog is for me to document my life as I grow into adulthood, bringing along my childish ways. Grab a cup of tea, a really fluffy blanket, and enjoy the ride!

...and Harry Potter beats Twilight and the Hunger Games in any situation. Don't fight it.

Thank you all for stopping by, it means a lot. Don't be strangers :)


Callie @ YouDontEvenKnow said...

Yay for WI bloggers! go pack go :)

Happy to be your newest follower!

Nikki P said...


Rhiannon said...

I love your blog! I just came across you via Autumn's blog :-)

I'm also not married and not very religious. Very hard to come by in this little blogging world.

Britta Marie said...

hey girl! newest follower here i found you through chelsea's blog @ life unpublished! looking forward to reading along!

xo Britta

Sara said...

So glad to have found another Wisconsin blogger! Excited to get to know you better :)

Emma said...

hahaha we might be twins because i am almost obsessed with cats and candy. dead serious. so glad i found your blog! :)


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