Recipe // Caramel Apples 3 ways

Who doesn't love the messy sweetness of caramel apples? Because I know I do!! Caramel apples are one of my favorite things about the fall season. This weekend, my friend Bria and I came up with 3 amazing ways to do caramel apples. And let me tell you, they are to die for!

Ingredients needed:
-Apples of choice
-Caramel pieces
-Wax paper
-Wooden skewers 
-White chocolate chips
-Milk chocolate chips
-Crushed Heath/toffee bits
-Crushed pretzel pieces

1. Caramel and Chocolate Drizzle 

Dip apples in caramel and then drizzle milk chocolate over the caramel for an awesomely sweet duo.

2. Caramel and Heath

Heath bars are one of my favorite candies. So what better way to use them then crushed onto a caramel apple!

3. Caramel with Pretzel

Sweet and salty anyone? Sprinkle crushed pretzel over the caramel and then add some chunks of walnut.

All three of them were amazing. The chocolate drizzle one was my favorite. Our apples didn't turn out has photogenic as I would have liked them too, but that sure didn't take away from the taste. Just have fun with it!

Here are some other awesome things to top your apples with. 

-Marshmallow bits
-Any choice of crushed candy
-Crushed graham crackers
-Crushed waffle cone and sprinkles
-Chopped nuts: pecans, walnuts, peanuts, etc.

Happy Early Halloween! Whose going trick or treating this year?!

Sponsor info update

So I did it. I upgraded to Passionfruit ads! I don't know why I hadn't done this sooner, because I love when bloggers have their sponsor page set up with Passionfruit. It's so simple and easy to use.

I updated my whole sponsor page complete with new ad options. I still have a swap option, because I still find swapping to be the bee's knees. Take a quick look and check out what's new. Let me know if you have any questions. If you do purchase an ad and find that you have difficulties with it, because of Passionfruit, just email me. I did just switch last night, so I'm expecting small errors here and there. 

Thanks so much guys and hope your having a fabulous day!!

7 Questions- Halloween Edition

( Halloween 2010 )

Today, I'm linking up with the wonderful Gentri Lee in her 7 Questions- Halloween Edition! I love the spirit of Halloween and of course all the candy that comes with it. My stomach however, not so much. This year I'm not doing much because I'll be working. There won't be any passing out candy either, because all the kids in the neighborhood have grown up and we live on top of a hill. People are just not motivated enough to get to the top for more candy. But I've decorated my pumpkins for this year so I'm good. 

Now, enjoy the questions :) 

1. Do you believe in ghosts?
I wish to not believe in ghosts, though I do. 

2. Do you prefer the cute or scary Halloween?
Definitely cute. Princesses are so much better then zombies. 

3. How old were you when you stopped trick or treating? 
I was possibly 13 when I was to cool to trick or treat. However, I wish I never stopped. 

4. Do you have any fun Halloween traditions?
Two words : Hocus Pocus.

5. Share a scary local urban legend. 
uhhhh, I think theres a haunted movie theater down by our mall? I try to stay clear of the stuff. 

6. Would you rather be haunted or be the haunting? 
I would so rather do the haunting!! It'd be like my own Paranormal Activity movie. Though I'd probably clean the house instead of destroy it. 

7. What's your favorite Halloween character / creature? (Dracula, witch, ghost, etc.)
The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. Gotta love those girls. 

I'd get sleazy for Ron Weasly

Yesterday I was stumbling through Pinterest (like most afternoons) and found this awesome Etsy shop. And for my fellow Harry Potter lovers, you'll love it just as well. The shop is called Hannahisawful and actually I think Hannah is pretty awesome. I've already made a list of future buys. Please feel free to gawk as long as you like.

This one is my absolute favorite. 
I love finding great shops on Etsy. Just how cool is her stuff?! Love it.

Have a great day everyone

ten things about today

I said yesterday, that I would have a recipe for Gingerbread Cupcakes..... yeahhhhh, that's not going to happen. I totally failed at that. The batter tasted awesome, but I over mixed them and they were to dense. I really hate all the crap you have to remember when making cupcakes from scratch. So I'll try and remake them sometime soon when my blood pressure resumes to normal and get a recipe for you guys. 

As for today, I decided to take yet another easy way out and make a list. You like lists right? I do. Enjoy :)


1. Mama Obama is coming to my college campus tomorrow. Not to into politics, but that's pretty cool. Good for you Glen Cocoa.

2. Another thing about campus: I think there's an elderly convention going on somewhere, because all I see are a bunch of white headed folk.

3. Today starts my dreadful weekend of 14 hour days Friday and Saturday. Caffeine is going to be my bestest of friend this weekend.

4. I love sitting in the library listening to new tracks and people watching (see number 2).

5. Wearing my new Military Jacket from Charlotte Russe. Sorry guys, I think I bought the last one online, but here is a very similar one.

6. Going to buy these amaze-balls boots and this even more amaze-balls shirt. Be jealous.

7. I am $552 away from picking up my dream camera.

8. I'd rather be cuddled up in bed watching movie today, but that's pretty much everyday.

9. I'm going to miss The Vampires Diaries tonight. Sad sad day.

10. It's a very depressing weather day in WI. Seriously Wisconsin, get your shit together.

Birchbox #5- October

I think today's weather forgot that it was October and fall season, because it's about 70ish degrees right now. When I walked out the door this morning in boots and a sweater I quickly turned right around, because I wasn't going to sweat my ass off. I'm not complaining, it was a very nice surprise. As of now, its back to being gloomy and will probably storm soon. Oh Wisconsin, you and your constantly changing weather. 

I'm spending my day off making gingerbread cupcakes (recipe will be up soon! I promise). They smell amazing and I can't wait to sink my teeth into one. This day is going by way to fast already. I'm not looking forward to my weekend because I work all the way through it. The thrill of having 2 jobs! 


Yesterday, I received my ever so wonderful Birchbox in the mail again. This box isn't one of my favorites and I was a tad bit disappointed, but the products are pretty good. Enjoy looking at what I got!

 Mighty Leaf Tea
I love tea, so this was one my favorite products in the box. 
I can't wait to try out the Earl Grey tea, freakin love that stuff.

 LiQWd Hair Products
I'm super excited to try out the conditioning treatment, it says 
it boosts volume and re-hydrates strands. The crunch waves I 
might have to wait for summer to try that one out.

 Harvey Prince Eau Flirt
This perfume smells awesome! It reminds me a lot of the DKNY Be Delicious.
It has notes of citrus and jasmine and the citrus really
stands out. 

 theBalm Cosmetics
This product is a 3 in 1. It can be used as a shadow, highlighter, and all over shimmer.
I'll probably just be using it as a shadow. I'm not a big fan 
of highlighting or making my face look like a twilight character. 

Mox Botanicals
This lip balm is awesome! It has avocado oil and shea butter in it which is a 
great moisturizer. It also smells like pomegranate, which I love! 
The only downside is that it doesn't last long on the lips. 

Well I must get back to those amazingly smelling cupcakes in the oven. Hope you enjoyed this month's Birchbox and have a wonderful rest of your afternoon.

What did you guys get in your Birchbox? Leave a link!!

new job. vlogging. box of kittens.

The blog might seem like it it's going to be a little bare for a while. I recently took on a second job for savings and along with my first job and school I won't have much time at all to sit down and write a decent post/tutorial. I had my first 14 hour long day this weekend between the 2 places, which for me is a very long day. My feet were black and blue and had a total of 4 band-aids on them by the end of the day. Wish me luck. 

Other then not being able to work the next morning after that shift, I love my new job at Ulta! We just got one in my town and Friday was the grand opening. While working, I couldn't help but make a shopping list for myself of all the things I wanted to get. It's a pretty long list so far. I'm catching right on with all the new stuff and it's making me feel great. I also work with some awesome girls, which hopefully means some new friendships in the future. 

Also, I've had this idea in my head for quite sometime to add a new kick to my blog. What do you guys think about me vlogging? Would you like that? Would you enjoy seeing me awkwardly talk to a camera? I was thinking of doing "Tea Vlogs" once a week where I just talk about random stories/news/things people don't care about, you know? Let me know what you think.

While googling cat pictures, why do I get a bunch of pictures of One Direction instead? Someone please explain. 

Last but not least, this Thursday is my first day off in uhhh 3 weeks. So you know how I'm spending it? I'm watching The Vampire Diaries premiere, because vampires are awesome. 
You should join me. 
It'll be epic. 

And because this post has no pictures, here's a box of kittens. :)


canon love

Guys, I've been wanting a super nice camera for the longest time. I been through countless point and shoot camera and I'm ready for the big sucker. I've never had the funds to buy my own and a few weeks ago I told myself I need to start saving. I also recently just got a second job (at an ULTA! - super stoked) and a good chunk of my checks are going straight into savings for this new camera of mine. I can't express to you all how flipping excited I am and I probably won't even have this camera for another 6-8 months. I guess you other bloggers who remember when you picked out your first nice camera know the feeling I'm talking about.

Since I'm still on the high of being a soon to be mother of a big honker I've been researching the best camera for beginners. I've read countless reviews and settled on the Canon Rebel T3i. I've read that this is #1 best camera for beginners and people like me who have never used a super nice camera like this. Those who already own this camera, what are your views on it? Do any of you have any other suggestions for good cameras and nice lenses that I can look into? That would be a big help! 


The reason I want a nice Canon camera is well, 1. I want to improve my photography skills, 2. I want to improve the quality of my blog, and 3. because they're f***** awesome, that's why. I cant wait to walk into that store and be like, "that one right there, that's my camera! Give it to me now!" My boyfriend will probably laugh at me if he reads this post, because he knows I go through phases of wanting things really bad, like this and this. And I'll admit it, I might sometime down the road totally change my mind and think owning a fancy shmancy camera is a big waste of time, but right now I am 100% committed to wanting one. So suck it Chris (just kidding <3 you) 

 I would really love any suggestions and links to reviews that you guys might find. For those who already own a canon or nikon or whatever, I would really love your input and suggestions! Thank you so much! 

DIY // "You Fancy" Pumpkins

In yesterday's post, I mentioned that I did some pumpkin decorating with a couple of Pinterest ideas that I found. I wanted to show you guys the methods I used and how I created these beautiful pumpkins! Halloween doesn't always have to be blood and guts! Each of these tutorials are super easy and are a great way to spruce up the boring old ways of carving and decorating pumpkins. Enjoy!

DIY #1 // Glitter Pumpkin

Materials needed:
Adhesive spray
Black spray paint
Black and orange glitter
Clear sealant

For these pumpkins, Spray pumpkin with adhesive spray. ( I sprayed sections to make it a little easier for me and it worked great ) Dump the glitter on the patch you just sprayed. Continue until the whole pumpkin is covered. Let it sit for a few minutes then spray a good coat of sealant all over the pumpkin. This will make sure the glitter stays attached when you move it around. For the black ones, spray paint black before doing any of the steps.

Tip: These pumpkins do better for decoration on the inside or under a covered porch. I wouldn't leave them outside where the wind or rain can ruin them. 


DIY #2 // The Fancy Hole Pumpkin
(excuse the very lame name for this one)

Materials needed:
Carving tools (knife, spoon, etc.)
Drill bits

These pumpkins are super fun to make! Begin by carving out your pumpkin. Then take your drill with a drill bit and start drilling holes. It's that simple guys! I used a 3/4 inch drill bit on both pumpkins and used a smaller bit on the bottom pumpkin. Feel free to go crazy with these, you really can do almost anything. I also love how it looks at night lit up. I think these are a great alternative to a face pumpkin and look so pretty!

weekend and giveaway winner!!

This weekend was full of fun and super busy. Saturday the bestie Bria and I woke up early to drive two hours to the Cranberry Festival that happens in Warrens, WI every year. We were first timers to this festival and heard that it was a pretty huge festival. We were super excited and planned on spending almost all day there. As we got closer to the grounds we started to see just how "huge" this festival was. It took us almost 30 minutes just to park our car along with the other couple 100 cars behind us. We got onto the festival ground and our mouths dropped. The best way for you to understand is this picture....

....and this doesn't even do it justice. There were millions of people EVERYWHERE! This whole town was literally just turned into one big party. At one point we thought we hit it all, but then we walked over a hill and there was another football field worth of crap that we hadn't gone to yet. It was very overwhelming for us first timers, but definitely something I'm going back to next year. I walked away with some pretty neat stuff, like one of these silverware wind-chimes and A 3.4oz bottle of Miss Dior Cherie for $20. I couldn't even care if the dude who sold it to me stole it, I just saved $100. Thank you man!

We then spent the rest of the evening decorating some pumpkins with some awesome Pinterest ideas that I found. I'll have tutorials up soon so you can see how I made them!


Now for the giveaway winner!! Again, I want to thank all of you for your wonderful support and also for entering the giveaway. No worries, if you didn't win, I do plan on having countless of other giveaways that you can enter! 

My very first giveaway winner was the amazing Amanda from We & Serendipity! Congrats girl! You should have an email in your inbox with details. Thank you so much <3


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