DIY // "You Fancy" Pumpkins

In yesterday's post, I mentioned that I did some pumpkin decorating with a couple of Pinterest ideas that I found. I wanted to show you guys the methods I used and how I created these beautiful pumpkins! Halloween doesn't always have to be blood and guts! Each of these tutorials are super easy and are a great way to spruce up the boring old ways of carving and decorating pumpkins. Enjoy!

DIY #1 // Glitter Pumpkin

Materials needed:
Adhesive spray
Black spray paint
Black and orange glitter
Clear sealant

For these pumpkins, Spray pumpkin with adhesive spray. ( I sprayed sections to make it a little easier for me and it worked great ) Dump the glitter on the patch you just sprayed. Continue until the whole pumpkin is covered. Let it sit for a few minutes then spray a good coat of sealant all over the pumpkin. This will make sure the glitter stays attached when you move it around. For the black ones, spray paint black before doing any of the steps.

Tip: These pumpkins do better for decoration on the inside or under a covered porch. I wouldn't leave them outside where the wind or rain can ruin them. 


DIY #2 // The Fancy Hole Pumpkin
(excuse the very lame name for this one)

Materials needed:
Carving tools (knife, spoon, etc.)
Drill bits

These pumpkins are super fun to make! Begin by carving out your pumpkin. Then take your drill with a drill bit and start drilling holes. It's that simple guys! I used a 3/4 inch drill bit on both pumpkins and used a smaller bit on the bottom pumpkin. Feel free to go crazy with these, you really can do almost anything. I also love how it looks at night lit up. I think these are a great alternative to a face pumpkin and look so pretty!


Mallory Castleberry said...

I love your pumpkin ideas.

Dilan Dilir said...

OMG I love the glitter pumpkins!!!! the black one is amazing

Adventures in Wonderburg said...

Trendy, glamorous pumpkins!! :D Love these!!!

Brittany said...

Those both look really good!! Hopefully I will attempt the glitter one this month

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