ten things about today

I said yesterday, that I would have a recipe for Gingerbread Cupcakes..... yeahhhhh, that's not going to happen. I totally failed at that. The batter tasted awesome, but I over mixed them and they were to dense. I really hate all the crap you have to remember when making cupcakes from scratch. So I'll try and remake them sometime soon when my blood pressure resumes to normal and get a recipe for you guys. 

As for today, I decided to take yet another easy way out and make a list. You like lists right? I do. Enjoy :)


1. Mama Obama is coming to my college campus tomorrow. Not to into politics, but that's pretty cool. Good for you Glen Cocoa.

2. Another thing about campus: I think there's an elderly convention going on somewhere, because all I see are a bunch of white headed folk.

3. Today starts my dreadful weekend of 14 hour days Friday and Saturday. Caffeine is going to be my bestest of friend this weekend.

4. I love sitting in the library listening to new tracks and people watching (see number 2).

5. Wearing my new Military Jacket from Charlotte Russe. Sorry guys, I think I bought the last one online, but here is a very similar one.

6. Going to buy these amaze-balls boots and this even more amaze-balls shirt. Be jealous.

7. I am $552 away from picking up my dream camera.

8. I'd rather be cuddled up in bed watching movie today, but that's pretty much everyday.

9. I'm going to miss The Vampires Diaries tonight. Sad sad day.

10. It's a very depressing weather day in WI. Seriously Wisconsin, get your shit together.


Gentri said...

Oooo! love the boots and shirt! I request a style post! :D And Congrats on almost getting your dream camera!

Allana Sendzicki said...

Now the frugal side of me says you would have even more towards your dream camera if you didn't buy the boots/shirt. But WTFeva - they ARE great!!

Dilan Dilir said...

congrats for the camera and I love the feathers!

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