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Guys, I've been wanting a super nice camera for the longest time. I been through countless point and shoot camera and I'm ready for the big sucker. I've never had the funds to buy my own and a few weeks ago I told myself I need to start saving. I also recently just got a second job (at an ULTA! - super stoked) and a good chunk of my checks are going straight into savings for this new camera of mine. I can't express to you all how flipping excited I am and I probably won't even have this camera for another 6-8 months. I guess you other bloggers who remember when you picked out your first nice camera know the feeling I'm talking about.

Since I'm still on the high of being a soon to be mother of a big honker I've been researching the best camera for beginners. I've read countless reviews and settled on the Canon Rebel T3i. I've read that this is #1 best camera for beginners and people like me who have never used a super nice camera like this. Those who already own this camera, what are your views on it? Do any of you have any other suggestions for good cameras and nice lenses that I can look into? That would be a big help! 


The reason I want a nice Canon camera is well, 1. I want to improve my photography skills, 2. I want to improve the quality of my blog, and 3. because they're f***** awesome, that's why. I cant wait to walk into that store and be like, "that one right there, that's my camera! Give it to me now!" My boyfriend will probably laugh at me if he reads this post, because he knows I go through phases of wanting things really bad, like this and this. And I'll admit it, I might sometime down the road totally change my mind and think owning a fancy shmancy camera is a big waste of time, but right now I am 100% committed to wanting one. So suck it Chris (just kidding <3 you) 

 I would really love any suggestions and links to reviews that you guys might find. For those who already own a canon or nikon or whatever, I would really love your input and suggestions! Thank you so much! 


- Two time, two time. said...

I really love mine. I have started to take it with me almost every time I know Ill spend more than a few minutes outside. I love playing with the manual features.
One thing I wish I would have gotten right off the bat was a tripod.

A great site to go to to learn some stuff is

Silver {A Silver Snapshot} said...

Ooo, I am so excited for you {and slightly jealous}. Can't wait until I'm ready to buy a better camera! Hope the time goes by fast until you have your new baby in your hands.

Silver from A Silver Snapshot

Elle Falconer said...

I can never decide better Canon and Nikon, but I LOVE the look of the new Nikon 1 with the body of a point and shoot and the fuller lense of the SLR, plus all the amazing colours!

SomethingaboutSofia said...

I wanted that camera soooo much and I read all the reviews too it looks amazing! Sadly it was to expensive but I got a panasonic lumix fz 48 and it is friken awsome! Cantt wait to see the new camera! :D Just fond you blog! Its soo cute and I loe the way you write your posts!
Sofia x

Elle said...

The T series is really great. I've enjoyed mine and they are really reasonably priced.

Hope that money comes together quickly :) I actually bought mine slightly used (it looked/felt brand new) for quite a bit cheaper. If you can find a camera store with a good reputation that sells gently used you'll save a lot of money.

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