weekend and giveaway winner!!

This weekend was full of fun and super busy. Saturday the bestie Bria and I woke up early to drive two hours to the Cranberry Festival that happens in Warrens, WI every year. We were first timers to this festival and heard that it was a pretty huge festival. We were super excited and planned on spending almost all day there. As we got closer to the grounds we started to see just how "huge" this festival was. It took us almost 30 minutes just to park our car along with the other couple 100 cars behind us. We got onto the festival ground and our mouths dropped. The best way for you to understand is this picture....

....and this doesn't even do it justice. There were millions of people EVERYWHERE! This whole town was literally just turned into one big party. At one point we thought we hit it all, but then we walked over a hill and there was another football field worth of crap that we hadn't gone to yet. It was very overwhelming for us first timers, but definitely something I'm going back to next year. I walked away with some pretty neat stuff, like one of these silverware wind-chimes and A 3.4oz bottle of Miss Dior Cherie for $20. I couldn't even care if the dude who sold it to me stole it, I just saved $100. Thank you man!

We then spent the rest of the evening decorating some pumpkins with some awesome Pinterest ideas that I found. I'll have tutorials up soon so you can see how I made them!


Now for the giveaway winner!! Again, I want to thank all of you for your wonderful support and also for entering the giveaway. No worries, if you didn't win, I do plan on having countless of other giveaways that you can enter! 

My very first giveaway winner was the amazing Amanda from We & Serendipity! Congrats girl! You should have an email in your inbox with details. Thank you so much <3



Amanda Schroeder said...

WAHOO!! Super excited. I never got an e-mail but it could be because you just barely posted this! Haha! Thanks so much!


JJ said...

I love that idea for the pumpkins. I might have to try that out.

Brittany said...

That sounds like a great festival!! I want to go. And those pumpkins look really cool.

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