7 Questions- Halloween Edition

( Halloween 2010 )

Today, I'm linking up with the wonderful Gentri Lee in her 7 Questions- Halloween Edition! I love the spirit of Halloween and of course all the candy that comes with it. My stomach however, not so much. This year I'm not doing much because I'll be working. There won't be any passing out candy either, because all the kids in the neighborhood have grown up and we live on top of a hill. People are just not motivated enough to get to the top for more candy. But I've decorated my pumpkins for this year so I'm good. 

Now, enjoy the questions :) 

1. Do you believe in ghosts?
I wish to not believe in ghosts, though I do. 

2. Do you prefer the cute or scary Halloween?
Definitely cute. Princesses are so much better then zombies. 

3. How old were you when you stopped trick or treating? 
I was possibly 13 when I was to cool to trick or treat. However, I wish I never stopped. 

4. Do you have any fun Halloween traditions?
Two words : Hocus Pocus.

5. Share a scary local urban legend. 
uhhhh, I think theres a haunted movie theater down by our mall? I try to stay clear of the stuff. 

6. Would you rather be haunted or be the haunting? 
I would so rather do the haunting!! It'd be like my own Paranormal Activity movie. Though I'd probably clean the house instead of destroy it. 

7. What's your favorite Halloween character / creature? (Dracula, witch, ghost, etc.)
The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. Gotta love those girls. 


riana. said...

lol, it's so funny to me how many ladies have put the answer hocus pocus and the sanderson sisters.

Gentri said...

hahaha! a good ghost! Perfect! I didn't think of that. I can do happy things. Like the elves who made shoes for the cobbler... right? hahah! Maybe?

Hocus. Pocus. Rocks.

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