Today in my Women Studies 101 class, we were discussing magazine ads and how they reflect women. We began to focus more on the makeup ads, with the models and their perfectly photo shopped faces. And it was just that, photo shopped. Many of these models don't naturally have that perfect skin that never has one blemish or any sign of aging what-so-ever. It's merely the magic of the photo. 

The class then began to discuss the reasons why women get all dolled up everyday, spending hours at a time putting on foundation and eye shadow and mascara. We had a few girls say how makeup is only there to hide your true self. Almost instantly a debate began with the argument that makeup can make the woman feel more confident about themselves and more outgoing. They aren't actually hiding anything, they're just emphasizing what their mother gave them. 

I totally agreed with that. I feel putting on makeup in the morning has nothing to do with hiding yourself, its highlighting your natural features. Mascara is designed to make your eyelashes darker and longer, making your eyes seem bigger. Blush is designed to give you that natural pink color to your cheeks that isn't there all the time. Makeup is there make the person who puts the products on feel pretty and therefore, more confident in themselves. 

I'm a user of makeup (sounds like I'm harassing my makeup) and there's nothing that I don't enjoy more about my morning then sitting in front of the mirror putting on my makeup and getting ready for the day. It has been a routine of mine everyday since 8th grade, when I began to experiment with different sorts of makeup. Having mascara on my lashes and knowing that those acne scars are covered up makes me 100% more confident in myself. 

one of the the most beautiful natural beauty- Jennifer Aniston 

Embrace your beauty.
Love yourself. 

What do you find beautiful? 
xo, k

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