and the room is complete!

So the upstairs (including my bedroom) to my house has been under construction since last year. My mom has been tearing down walls, ripping up floors, and putting new windows in for the longest time. As of yesterday, the work came to an end and the upstairs is finally complete. The whole upstairs got new wood floors, a fresh coat of paint, and all new windows put in. It is so nice to be in a bedroom that is complete and finally has nice flooring (my bedroom hasn't had a good floor since we moved in almost ten years ago!) 

I've been switching back and forth from my room to our spare room (which is a whole lot smaller than my bedroom). I'm so happy to be back in my bedroom knowing that I won't have to pack all my stuff up again and move it (for a while, at least).

 Here's where I was staying for a weeks at a time, now I warn you, I have a lot of crap and this room is very tiny. It was oh so very crowded. 

I snapped a few photos to show my room under construction. None of the woodwork or flooring as been put in yet. It's so naked!

The floors were put in along with all the woodwork! Great time for a photo shoot with the kitty. :)

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for! Well, I've been waiting for it...
After a good four hours of carrying all the boxes out of the orange room and into my room and putting everything where it needed it be, I give you my wonderful purple bedroom. EEK!! 

I absolutely love my floors. They're so pretty and definitely perfect for some sock sliding. I don't know if I like my old pink rug there, I kinda just threw it there because we have two of them from my old room. I guess it's fine for the time being, but if I find the perfect rug to replace it's leaving for good. 

Thanks for stopping by,
Happy Friday everyone, have a wonderful weekend. 

xo, k  

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Funmilayo said...

congrats on the finished project :)

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