went to a fight and a hockey game broke out

I went to go visit that wonderful man of mine this weekend. I was so excited to leave Friday that I could barely even concentrate during class. All I wanted to do was to get in my car and start driving. Being almost three weeks since I saw Chris last, it was so nice to finally spend time with him again. I had butterflies the whole trip there (funny after 9 months that I still have that). 

He's wonderful.

We celebrated an early Valentine's Day this weekend, since we wouldn't be together on the actual day and I must say it was a very lovely one. I put together a meal where I found all the recipes on Pinterest (addiction). It went over great with Chris and I absolutely loved all of it. 

I made Dijon mustard and barbecue chip crusted chicken along with Parmesan knots. I must mention, remember to look twice at the size of the chicken breasts you buy, because the ones I bought were literally the size of my head (I have a very large head). I bought a two pack and had to cut them in half because they were so large. Almost used a whole bag of barbecue chips just to cover all of them!! 

After the chicken and knots were finished, Chris kept thinking of things that he could add which  resulted with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. The mashed potatoes came out very bland so we came up with this great idea of just adding the glaze that I made for the knots. It consisted of garlic, parsley, parmesan, and oregano. I gotta tell ya, it made the potatoes a whole lot better!! Overall, I was really impressed by our very simple Valentine's Day Dinner. 

After a short nap and getting over our food comas, we went to a hockey game. I had to include this picture, because I had to show you guys this awesome moment. There was a fundraiser going on for the local hospital that was collecting teddy bears to give to the children. The fans were asked to throw the teddy bear they brought onto the rink after the first goal. During the first period there was a scramble near the opponent's net and everyone thought that we made a goal. So the whole crowd goes crazy and starts throwing their bears onto the rink.

The whole stadium was engulfed in teddy bears being thrown everywhere. A minute later the announcer states that there was no goal and yet the crowd still continues to throw the bears. The teddy toss probably went on for a good five minutes straight before it started to calm down. The rink was covered in bears!! It took them almost 20 minutes to clear the whole thing out. They announced at the end of the game that they raised over 8000 bears!! 

Also, during the 3rd period, within four minutes four fights broke out between the teams. This is why I love hockey. Along with that we also won the game, so it was a pretty great night.  :)

The game ended around 10pm and when we got back Chris put together his wonderful Cheesecake Pie (as he calls it). I was a little skeptical about this Cheesecake Pie at first, but it was amazingly delicious! It takes like four ingredients and about five minutes to make. I was very proud of my baker man :) 

It was sad leaving him today but I know i'll see him again soon. This weekend was amazing and I'm so thankful for having a guy like him in my life. 

Hope your weekend was just as wonderful! 
Goodnight everyone, 
xo, k 

(p.s, I'll be posting the recipes to these soon if you would like to know! stay tuned!)

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Shane said...

Those knots look delicious! Must try :)

xo Shane

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