i feel so pretty, oh so pretty.

Like all afternoons after I'm done with class, I make my way up to my room and pull out my computer. And after several minutes of checking everything that needs to be checked, I find myself wondering what to do next. So out pops the webcam and a photo shoot is born. 

Today's photo shoot was inspired by Elle Fanning's portrait collage. I'm a HUGE fan of the Fanning girls, they are so freaking adorable and I have loved them since they were teeny tiny toddlers (woooo anyone for the alliteration on that one!?). 

Here goes my version....

I'm loving my hair today. There's nothing better than having a good hair day. I forget how much I'm thankful for my long golden locks and how beautiful they make me feel. Thanks mom and dad for the good hair genes. 

and here's one last one with the little kitty

Happy Wednesday ya little beauts!

xo, k

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