I feel like complete S@#!

And the winter bug got me. :( I was doing so good with not getting sick this winter and staying healthy! Last week I started to get a horrible cough and it just progressed from there. I worked all weekend and it was horrible. I came equipped with my Kleenex box and hand sanitizer, so I at least made it through. 

Now it's Monday morning and I woke up at 5am blowing my nose and hackin' up my lungs. Wonderful start to my day, let's just say. Sadly my man isn't here to take care of me, but I got my other man (Patches) to cuddle up with and watch movies all day. Oh yes, I'm breaking out Planet Earth and Harry Potter today. So other then me wasting away slowly in my bed, I'll at least be able to enjoy my last hours with elephant chases and wizard duels. 

True story.

Have a great Monday everyone,
I'll be back soon.

xo, k 

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