Couple Shoot // Lindsey and Dylan

I'm back everyone! School is finally over (unfortunately only for the summer). I am back on the blogging road and will be blogging all summer long. School was just getting too stressful for me and I didn't have any time to do anything worthy of being posted to the blog. Now I can focus on the blog and enjoy life without having to worry when I'm going to study for the next exam.

This summer is going to be an exciting one. I have a summer full of sessions to help build my photography portfolio. Guys, I couldn't be more excited about this. I've already had the pleasure to shoot two couples that couldn't have been cuter. I have my first family session next week that is going to be super fun. I can't wait to grow my photography experience and learn something new with each shoot. I've already learned so much! Today, for my first post back, I'm sharing with you my second shoot of the summer with Lindsey and Dylan.

I went to high school with these two and have lived down the street from Dylan since elementary school. I haven't seen them in a good four years and it was so nice to see some faces of people I went to high school with. I really don't ever see anyone I went to high school with, that's probably because I only have one friend that I went to high school with. But anywho, we spent the evening in a beautiful park and were blessed with gorgeous weather. The sun was shinning, the river was sparkling, and the grass was a glorious green (which is really good for WI lately).

Alright, let's get on with it.

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