My First Time

You may have clicked on this post thinking I was about to spill the deets about a certain sweaty and awkward experience of mine. However, for your own good that won't be happening today or really ever. Instead, I'm going to talk about some of my first times today. I'm a youtube junkie and there's been a tag going around called "My First Time." I liked some of the questions and thought it would be fun to reminisce is the good ol' days.

My first word? 
I have no idea. I asked my mom and she doesn't even remember, so I'm going to say it was "cat." That definitely sounds right.

friends who have rabbits together, stay together.
My first best friend?
Her name is Nikki and we still happen to be best friends. We met sometime in elementary school and through all the happiness and sadness, we stuck together. She may be a million miles away right now on a gorgeous island while I'm stuck in Wisconsin, but that's okay, because I know in 50 years she'll be sitting on my porch laughing at stupid looking people with me.

My first pet?
My first pet was of course a cat. My mom let my brother and I take home two cats that my Aunt had at her pet shelter and I named the fella Twix. Twix had a very short life, he developed a kidney disease that was going to be end up costing a lot of money, that my mom didn't have at the time, to fix so we had to say goodbye. Then along came Patches and we all know about that handsome guy.

My first grade teacher?
I think it's weird that almost everyone will remember their first grade teacher. Why is that? Mine was Mrs. Hanns and she was a short little woman and all I can remember of her is that she was pregnant...

The first person who texted you today?
It was Chris of course, really the only person who ever texts me. He texted me "you da best."

My first car?
My first car was a hand-me-down P.O.S. from my brother, that I quickly fell in love with. It was a sad day when the brakes suddenly went out on me while driving and couldn't ever be fixed. It was an even sadder day when my father bought me an old grandma mobile. Yeah, I know, I'm a drama queen sometimes. But years have past and me and that grandma mobile have fallen for each other, blue velvet interior and everything.

this was the only picture I had left...
My first Boyfriend? First kiss?
My first boyfriend was a guy named Collin who I stole from my best friend of the time, back in 7th grade. I was a hooligan I tell ya. It took us a good 3-4 months before we even kissed each other. Just remembering the awkwardness gives me the chills. However, my first kiss was with my brother's friend while I was in 6th grade. That kiss was even more awkward. Having your brother and your best friend standing right next to you while this boy is waiting for you to kiss him? Yeah, it's weird. It was the quickest and shortest peck on the lips I've ever had. And now that guy is a pot head with a bald spot. Dodge a bullet there!

Canon T3i with lens 50mm f 1.8
First big purchase?
It was probably my laptop that I bough for college, but I'm also considering my Canon that I bought earlier in the year. That baby was a pretty hefty investment. However I do not regret a single penny.

First Job?
My first job was the summer leading up to my sophomore year of high school.  I moved in with my dad for the summer and worked at a quaint little sub and ice cream shop called The Chocolate Factory. The shop was located right across from the beach, which I never complained about. It was a good first job, but after my several jobs in food service, I will never go back to it. No matter how broke I am.

Dead Woman's Pass- the highest point on the Inca Trail (about 15,000 ft)
First time out of country?
The first time I left the good ol' US of A was when I graduated high school and for my graduation/birthday present, my step mother brought me to the wonderful country of Peru. We spent two weeks in Peru, one week in the capital and the last week in Cusco where we backpacked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. It was a gorgeous trip and one I will always remember. I will also remember being the only white, blonde woman within a 50 mile radius of Cusco. Let me tell ya, it was like I was Kim K for a day.

I tag all of you to share your first time! But keep it to these questions, I think I speak for everyone when I say we don't want to know about your actual first time.



Meg B said...

This is a super fun topic! :)

Laura Crosby said...

Just stumbled across your blog and was expecting this post to be naughty haha. So glad it wasnt :P I'm also an avid lover of cats and cleaning!

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