Happy Labor Day and some random ramblings

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic long weekend full of cook outs and sunny weather. I did absolutely nothing this weekend other then enjoy my last few days of summer. School starts bright and early tomorrow morning. I am actually quite excited, which that feeling will probably change within a week of classes. I am transferring to a new college this year that involves a 45 minute commute. But hopefully it doesn't end up being to bad. I am really excited for the new campus and the new school year. I've been shopping like crazy this summer for new clothes, so my wardrobe is stocked full of new shirts ready to be worn!

So last night I was craving a big bucket of popcorn, like most nights, and my best friend wanted to go see a movie (what a perfect pair we are). So we headed out to catch the 7:00 show for Mortal Instruments. I really enjoyed the movie but it had so many awkward moments in it that probably could have just been left out. If I had read the books, it probably would have all made sense, but I was lost quite a lot during the show. I may just have to grab the books and start reading so that my brain can understand what the hell I just watched.

I also have been on a health kick these past few weeks. I've been exercising and eating up the farmer's market almost every week for some good vegetables. I think one week I went through 3 large zucchinis from all the zucchini pizzas and baked fries I was eating. I also just bought the Jawbone Up wristband to keep myself motivated and on track. I might do a review on it, because it's an awesome piece of fashionable technology. It tracks all your steps, intake and outtake of calories, your sleep cycle (my favorite part), and it even vibrates when you've been inactive for too long. I've never been on to track all stuff before or even care about how many calories I'm consuming in a day, I just recently thought it would be really neat to actually see what I'm doing.

That's all I got for you folks today. Talk to you soon!


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Brittany said...

Good luck at your new school!!

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