Vacation // Sanibel Island

Hope you enjoyed seeing where I stayed for a week and if you didn't see it, check it out here. Today I'm sharing pictures of around town and the beach, really the only two things we did for the next couple of days. Every morning we would wake up around 8 and head out to the beach with our buckets and walk the shore for shells. Some days we found really great shells and other days we would just find dead critters laying in the sand. 

When the sun got a little to hot to handle we would head into town for some shopping. The shops down in Sanibel are all the same and I swear everything was made out of shells or had something to do with shells. We ate out at some really great restaurants, one being the Lazy Flamingo. It was a super fun place and I had an amazing chicken tender sandwich that was to die for! 


One afternoon we headed over to the Shell Museum which isn't much to talk about, but overall it was neat. Outside we ran into some little friends that after we spotted these two, we began to spot them everywhere! I'm use to seeing these lizards in pet stores, but while I was in Sanibel they were literally popping out of every nook and cranny there was.

Almost every day around noon we would be hit by a storm. So we spent that time inside, waiting it out and checking instagram. By the time the storm broke we would head right back out onto the beach for more shelling and sunbathing.

The last days of Sanibel will be up tomorrow to stay tuned for more pictures!


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Brittany said...

It looks so peaceful. Like a town from a Nicholas sparks book

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