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So, we have hit Thursday of the vacation in beautiful Sanibel Island! This day was my 21st birthday!! Now before you ask me how many drinks I had and how drunk did I get or how many times did Bria have to hold my hair up for me, I'm going to answer with one, no, and none. I know, what a lame way to turn 21. However I had a fabulous time being sober and actually remembering the events that took place the next morning.

We had dinner at a really great place called Doc Fords. I highly recommend it if your in the area. I ordered a drink called a Sanibel Island that consisted of three types of rum, coconut and orange juice and some other crap that I had no idea what it was disgusting. I mixed it with a glass of 7up in order to finish it. I just don't think I will ever be able to consume any type of alcohol. I'm going to stick with lemonade and almond milk. That shit is amazing in cereal. 

After dinner we headed up to Captiva, the upper part of the island (and highly richer part, houses are friggen' HUGE!) and joined in on the crab races. The crab races were ridiculous and I had a complete blast. If you've never experienced crab races before, all you do is pay for a crab, name it, then sit back and watch it crawl across a table hoping it passes the line first. Stupid, I know. I was very happy that I spent my birthday night next to an old guy downing vodka and another one telling everyone to slap my ass because it was my birthday....   

The next morning we drove back up to Captiva to do some shelling on their beaches and do some more shopping in town. That night we went on a sunset cruise of Tarpon Bay, which was beautiful. But first, we got to play around with some sea critters in a touch tank. Crazy eyed crabs, starfish, and more crabs, we got to touch them all!

We then headed out onto the boat and began the cruise. It was very relaxing to be out on the water with the sun going down. We got to see dolphins and some manatees and every type of bird in Florida that were making their way back to their nests. It was a fabulous end to Sanibel Island.


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Callie {FirstComesLove} said...

This place was already my list of "must visit"s. Now it really moved up!

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