Recipe Box

I recently made my little own recipe box to hold all the recipes I've been collecting lately. This was super simple and quick. It can also be recreated and tweaked to however you like it. Enjoy!!

Materials Needed:
scrapbook paper
sticker letters
mod podge- I prefer the matte finish
box of some sort- make sure it will fit your recipe cards!!
paint and brushes- which I forgot to picture in there, sorry.
and lastly your recipe stash!

(I got all my stuff from Michael's minus the wooden box which I picked up from JoAnn Fabrics)

Firstly, I measured out the first piece of paper to fit the top square of the box. I then eyeballed the second and third piece. I decided to make my third piece an oval to had a little pazaz. Mod podge all three of those pieces, one on top of the other, onto the box, then take your stickers and write 'recipes' or whatever floats your boat. Finish with a top coat of mod podge to seal in all the goodness.

Next, lets paint!! I decided to go with a red color to compliment my color scheme of pinks. I just used some old paint that I had laying around in the basement. Go ahead and lather the paintbrush in your paint and throw on about 2-3 coats (depends on the color, mine took 2), letting dry in between coats.

JoAnn's didn't have any boxes there at the time with a flat front surface so I had to do something with those cracks. I wanted them to be white, but for some odd reason there was no white paint in the house. ?? Anywho, I grabbed a really light pink (again an old paint stash in the basement) which pretty much came out looking white. (I thanked the paint gods) and painted in the cracks with about 2 coats. I went back over with some red to touch up on a few places. 

(sorry about the wrinkly fabric, I was lazy) 

I last minutely decided to paint the inside that pink white color and was pretty happy with it. I scrapped off most of the red paint that got smudged on the gold clasp. I threw my recipe cards in and away I went. Finito!! Now I have an adorable red box to hold all my recipes!

Post a picture in the comments below if you recreate this, I would love to see the things you guys come up with!! 

thanks for stopping by, come again!
kelly elizabeth 


J.Lynn said...

I actually have this on my list of things to do; make a recipe box! :)

Cute blog girly.


kelly elizabeth said...

Hey J.Lynn, thanks for looking!! totally give it a try, it was really fun.

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