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Ladies and gentlemen welcome to my very first blog and with that my very first blog post. (oooo this is exciting!) This one post declares the birthday, the anniversary, and also the start of the beginning of my blog, epic I know. I'm new to the blogger world, so go easy on me, I'm slowly getting use to it. I just recently started checking out other bloggers and got to thinking how fun it would be to start my very own. I got ideas, I make things, I cook a lot, I eat a lot to but that's beside the point. I wanna share the stuff I create with you guys in the hopes that you'll click your little favorites button and share it with someone else and so on. Now I know I'm not Martha Stewart or Betty Crocker, hell I wish, but this is what I enjoy doing in my free time. I love wasting away a day in the kitchen making desserts that will give my whole mouth cavities or taking garbage and making it into a Tim Noble and Sue Webster creation, well not exactly but something close to that. I hope I can share these interests with some of you guys and make my blog a place you keep coming back too. There's not much to it right now but grab a snack, put your feet up, and take a peek into my creations. 

Let's not be strangers, here's a little look into my life...

(I live in a forest and forage for my food....kidding I went apple picking!)

If you haven't already guessed it, my name is Kelly, middle name, Elizabeth. Hence kellyelizabeth... k just making sure you got it. I'm a 19 years young big headed blonde girl who likes to live day by day and not worry about the future...kidding, I just don't have the slightest clue what I want to do with my life. I live in the only state that can experience all four seasons in one week, you guessed it, Wisconsin. That's alright though, I'm proud of my cheese makin' Packer lovin' state. 

I've always been a craftster. I love to create. I love to flip through craft magazines or any old magazine and re-create what I see. I also LOVE to bake, which goes along nicely with my hobby of eating. 

I first discovered craft/baking/fashion/etc blogs about a year ago. I would spend hours stumbling through your guy's blogs, looking through everything you all made. It fascinated me all the different things people were coming up with. I've learned a lot from you bloggers, so I guess this is my way of giving back and sharing my ideas with you.

Come back again soon!!

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