Friday's Letter

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Dear rain, how do you make flowers look so pretty afterwards? Dear Wisconsin, thank you for blessing us all with this gorgeous sunshine after the thunderstorms. I knew you had it in you. Dear Dad, happy 2nd day birthday, hope you're enjoying your birthday week. Dear Food Network, you make me want to bake everything, which doesn't make the madre too happy. But I will not apologize for that taco dip, because it was amazing in every possible way. Thank you Food Network, you're brilliant. Dear final exams, you're like a little ninja, creeping up on me like that, but I'm ready for you so bring it! Dear boyfriend, I can't wait to spend the weekend after exams are done with you. I miss you terribly and it'll be a great start to a fabulous summer. Dear Patches, again, what's with the starring? I wish I could hear what goes on in your head sometime. 



Michelle said...

Such a pretty picture!

And now I'm craving taco dip. Craving. But then again, I've been lusting over Mexican food all day!

Happy Friday!

Ronida said...

Hi! I saw your button from life through his eyes! You have such a cute blog! and that picture is sooo lovely! :D

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