Sneak Peek

I just got an email from the wonderful and beautiful Hannah Pobar from 17 Inch Heart saying she finished putting together my test blog for me. I was beyond excited and a little nervous to see what she came designed for the all new Kelly Elizabeth. Let me tell you, she blew me away. Here's a little sneak peek.....

I am SO excited for this blog to get a face lift. I'm over having a bits and pieces thrown together that don't even go together. Gahhh, I love professional blog designers. If you'd like to check out Hannah's design services, head on over here and here. She's really great to work with and has amazing talent with computers.

Thank you Hannah


Hannah said...

Kelly! Thank you for the sweet words :) I'm so happy you love it! I do too :)

Callie {YouDontEvenKnow} said...

In LOVE with the new blog design! So light and fresh and sophisticated!

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