Memorial Day Cupcakes

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! I hope all the barbecuing and camping festivities are treating you well. I'm staying inside this weekend getting chores and errands done and doing some cat sitting for Bria later tonight. I work at The Home Depot and it gets pretty crazy there during Memorial Day weekend. To try and keep everyone in good spirits, my supervisor and I decided to hold a Cupcake War between the cashiers. So after working this morning, I continued to practice in becoming the next cupcake master. My first batch went so well I was really excited to make some red, white, and blue inspired cupcakes!

I colored the batter with blue and red and put a scoop of each into each tin. I used a whipped marshmellow frosting (my favorite!). I also took it to the next level by melting some white chocolate and molding them into little stars.They looked so good and as always its very difficult not to eat something that I make. This little guy was the lucky one chosen to be devoured by me...

...and it was delicious.

Have a great weekend!!!

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Allison Coomes said...

those are almost too pretty to eat!!...almost-)

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