Summer Daze Nails- a tutorial

Today I bring you a nail tutorial that's perfect to show off in summer. It involves a bunch of bright summery colors along with the always beautiful french tip. So lets get this tutorial started!

Pick out five bright base colors that you want to use to cover your whole nail. Then pick another five to use as the tip color of your nails. I picked out four for each then just switched the base and tip colors.

left to right: Sally Hansen's Mint Sorbet, Wet n Wild Blazed, Sally Hansen's Green With Envy, Wet n Wild On A Trip, Delia's Pink Sands
First, paint each of your nails with one of the colors you chose for a base color. Paint two-three coats depending on the color and polish.

left to right: Delia's Pink Sands, Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue, Sally Hansen's Coral Reef, Sally Hansen's Barracuda, Sally Hansen's Mint Sorbet
Second, paint your tips in a french tip type manner with the colors you chose for your tips. Match the colors so that combine well with the other. Or totally just wing it and mix match how you like. Helpful tip: when doing the tip, move your finger and let the brush glide easily over the nail. It's a lot easier then moving the brush across the nail. 

Lastly, finish off with a shiny top coat and seal in that beautiful artwork.

Thanks for stopping in, I hope you all enjoyed this nail tutorial. Stick around there are a bunch more to come!!

Happy Tuesday and have a wonderful day!


Samantha said...

Heart this! Love how you somewhat matched your thumb and pinky! You have beautiful real nails... I always have fake gels on mine! I was not blessed with strong nails!

Brittany said...

Fun idea. I like it

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