Review: Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Polish

Through the Grapevine and On a trip

Today I have another review for you. I was in Walgreens the other day to pick up one thing and of course walked out with 5 more things that I didn't need, naturally. They were having a big 50% off sale on certain makeup items and when I saw that the nail polish was on sale I had a mini heart attack.

Wet n Wild came out with a new brand of nail polish called megalast and it's suppose to be super long lasting. Looking at the bottle it kind of reminds me of Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure polish. So I was thinking it must be a dupe of the Sally Hansen's brand and being only like 99 cents a bottle (originally $2) compared to the $8 for Sally's, I grabbed a couple. I thought I would put them to the test and do a review for you guys in the process.


-The rounded brush really helped apply the polish evenly and in less then 2 stokes my whole nail was covered.

-It took about 2 coats for each polish to make my nails completely opaque, which I loved. Sally's Barracuda blue takes about 3-4 coats to cover which uses a lot of polish in the long run.

-They offered an assortment of colors, which is always great. I love the 2 that I chose, great for spring and even fall!

"Through the Grapevine"
(Excuse my band-aid) 
"On a Trip"


-It doesn't last as long as Sally's does. It does begin to wear and tear after about 3 days, but for a person who changes their polish that often it's fine. If you wear polish for longer than that you might want to put on a really nice top coat to help prevent the chipping.

Overall, I really liked this brand and will definitely go back for more. Being only a couple of bucks and very similar to the Sally's brand, I'll save a few dollars.

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Callie {YouDontEvenKnow} said...

I found these in Walgreen's last month and LOVE them. They don't last as long as Sally's Complete Salon Manicure but I'm okay with that because they are super cheap. And I loved a lot of the colors!

Bubble My Licorice said...

I love those colors!
amazing post!!

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