and the porch sitting begins...

Ever since we built the porch onto the front of the house last year, my whole family has begun to fit in with the rest of the neighborhood. Everyone around here sits on their porch. I don't know if everyone is just curious about what the other neighbors are doing or if we are all just enjoying the sunshine. I personally, like creeping on everyone else (we got a pretty good view from our porch). But tonight, not a lot of people are out. So here I sit, with my hair in a messy bun and dressed in sweats, actually enjoying the weather. Ha! Who knew!? 

Thank you Wisconsin for this wonderful weather, it's amazing. 

xo, k


bonbon said...

I am so jealous! I absolutely love porch sitting! The last two apartments that I lived in we had a balcony and I would always go out and sit with a diet coke and a book and just watch the world aroudn me. It was definitely my favorite thing to do after a long day. Now we don't have a porch or a balcony and it's one of my least favorite things about where we're at. And interestingly enough, it's how I met my husband- I was sitting on the balcony and yelled down to him in the parking lot!

just found you blog and I love it! I'm excited to follow along!

new follower :)

Alissa said...

I just sat on my back deck (no front porch at my new house!) last night. I love sitting outside and reading a good book :)

Nicole... given said...

uggg i want a porch!

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