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For a woman, finding the perfect jeans is like finding the Holy Grail. We try on dozens and once we find the right ones, we love them, we nurture them, and we keep them safe like they were our best friend. Today I told myself that I would wear these one pair one last time and then they need to be thrown away. They've had a good run, but when there's a hole ripping wider and wider every day in the crotch, it's time I stop wearing them. As I took them off for the last time, I still had a hard time wanting to put them in the trash. These are pretty decent jeans, other then the gaping hole and I thought there has to be something  I can do with them. 

And here's what came out of it. Don't throw away your old jeans, RECYCLE THEM!! There's so many things you can make with your old jeans, and here's one fabulous idea. 

Plastic Bag Holder

1. Start with your old jeans and turn them inside out. Cut along the dotted line.

2. You're left with the 2 legs. I wanted the 2 ends to be around the same size so I cut off the thigh portion of the jeans.

3. Take one leg and sew the bottom. I did a few row of stitches just to make sure the material would stay together.

4. Make a handle by cutting a strip out of another portion of the jeans and sew it on. There you go, a great way to recycle your old jeans and hold all those plastic bags that gather in your closet.

I'm using the rest of the fabric to make something else, so check back soon for another great recycling idea!!

xo, k

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