make your own curling wand

I've had the same curling iron for several years now, because I'm too cheap to buy a better and newer one. But the one I have gets the job done and I don't mind so much. I usually don't even use the clamp on my iron, I use it more like a curling wand. I thought to myself why haven't I just taken the clamp off? 

and light bulb!

Again, I'm too cheap to buy a curling wand and why would I when I can just convert my curling iron into one? Some of you might be thinking the same thing here. So today, on this lovely Thursday afternoon, I'm giving a little step by step tutorial on how to convert your curling iron into a curling wand! Using just a normal Philips screwdriver, you can get this done. 

It's very simple and I hope it works out for you. Now go enjoy your brand new (in a way) curling wand!

Happy Thursday everyone!!

xo, k

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