Friday's Letters

Dear Patches, you make me so happy when I come home from a boring day at work, just sitting there with your sweet kitty smile. :) Dear Lee Brice, you have one sexy voice and you make the best fried chicken for sure. Dear beautiful cousin of mine, congratulations on the first baby! Can't wait to watch him/her grow! Dear creepy mean guy at work, do you a grudge against our ginger workers? Because that glare you gave him scared me. Dear new betta fish, please eat. I really don't want to find you floating anytime soon. Dear Marie Antoinette (the movie), you're better each time I watch you. Dear Wisconsin, you must have read my last letter, because the weather has been pretty good lately. I thank you for that. Dear mom, you have always made the best food and that'll never change. Dear yoga pants, I'll probably never actually wear you to a yoga session, but you are just so darn comfortable. Dear morning, please come slowly, I would really like some sleep tonight. Thanks


xo, k


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