Friday's Letters

Dear Jarritos soda, I love your limey goodness. Drinking out of a glass bottle makes it so much better too. Dear Chris, being able to spend one day with you out of this whole month is totally worth the wait. Dear sweat suit, don't ever let me take you off, you are ever so comfy. Dear fishy wishys at home, sorry I can't feed you tonight. I promise you'll still make it. Dear 21 Jump Street, hilarious movie. Dear Johnny Depp, thank you for making an appearance in 21 Jump Street, made it 10x better. You're gorgeous. Dear Patches, I still don't understand your motives. You constantly wake me up early, but when I wake up 30 minutes sooner than normal, you lay there cuddled in your ball. Dear pizza bites, you turned out better than I thought you would. Good job Kelly. Dear Saturday morning, please don't come. I'd just like to repeat Friday over. Dear Women Studies book, I don't want to read you and I have no motivation too. 

Happy Weekend everyone!!

xo, k


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Rachel said...

I loved 21 Jump Street! It was so hilarious! I feel your pain with only seeing your man one day! I thought I had it bad only seeing mine one weekend this month! Confession: I bawled my eyes out yesterday when he left! I love how you were so positive in your letter and were thankful even for one day :)

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