Friday's Letters

taken: 7 years ago 
Dear best friend, random shopping and Chinese buffets made for the best afternoon. Dear Chinese food, damn you good. Dear rain, why did you have to stop today? I want to actually wear my rain boots while it rains for once. Dear Hunger Games, am I the only one who doesn't understand the huge hype about this movie? I don't get it. Dear early shift at work tomorrow, be nice to me. Dear spring break, you went by to fast and I worked to much. Not cool. Dear Organix Acai Berry shampoo and conditioner, I'm so excited to shower with you tonight. Mmm mmm good. Dear mean lady, it was not necessary for you to yell at me, I did not honk at you. The other mean lady behind me did!! SO THERE! Dear stupid goldfish, I hope you survive in mom's tank, because I don't want you. Sorry. Dear Ollie, you're not going to get lucky, so stop making a bubble nest.



Rachel Larson said...

I just found your blog, and read that you are from Wisconsin! I don't come across a lot of Midwest bloggers, let a lone a Wisconsinite, so I'm so glad I found you! Just started following you, I can't wait to read more :)


Rachel Larson said...

I failed to mention...I'm from Wisconsin too. Just in case you didn't read into that in my last comment ;) haha

Liesl said...

What FUN...I love the idea of these Friday's letters! :)

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