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Like 3/4 of the blogger and internet world, I've been obsessing over Pinterest. I pretty much find all of my recipes here and craft inspiration, like this. I love Pinterest simply for the fact that it always deals out the most fabulous and most delicious recipes ever! 

I'm visiting Chris tomorrow for the night and I told him in return for his amazing popcorn skills I'd cook him dinner. So here I am, sitting it the kitchen making the meal he'll be devouring come Friday night. You may ask why aren't I making it there? For those of you who don't know, me and his oven have a hate/hate relationship. I don't like it one bit. So I'm baking it here, at home, in the wonderful oven that I adore. :)

This is the delicious meal that I'm making at the moment for that man of mine. I stumbled on these amazing Pizza Bites and thought how perfect and cute they looked. I just had to make them. The recipe is super easy and you can make these little guys in a flash. So check them out! 

I'll let you know how they go over and I know even if I burn them to pieces Chris will still eat them lol. Gotta love that boy :)

Happy Thursday!!!

xo, k


Rachel said...

I'm seeing my man this weekend. I think you might have just inspired me to make something for him :)

CQ| said...

That looks delish!

Brittany said...

those look yummy! I love cooking for my bf because I don't do it that often so it's a fun change

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