Photo an hour (or every other...) Challenge

I've been loving reading and looking at all the pictures of other blogger's Photo an Hour Challenges, so of course I had to finally do one myself. I had a day off the other and had some chores to get done so I thought it would be a good day to snap the pictures for this post.

I kind of sucked taking a picture every exact hour so they are all over the place. I still thought it was fun and I got to play around with my camera for the day which I always love to do. My days off aren't too interesting, they usually consist of the same things... wake up preparing to work out, don't work out, run errands, sit on my ass all day. So yeah, enjoy!! 

 10:00 am
Wake up, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack... you know the usual.

 11:30 am
Spent a good 30 minutes trying to get our home computer to work. It likes to shut down on its own terms every once in a while. At least I had the big grey fur ball to help me out, he's such a computer enthusiast.

 1:00 pm
Did some replanting of my tomato plants. For those of you who don't live in the mid-west, we're still in full on winter over here which I didn't take into consideration when planting these guys a little early. They're getting quite big, so I had to move them to bigger homes. 

 2:00 pm
Made myself a delicious lunch of italian pasta salad and english muffin pizzas. nom nom nom

 4:00 pm 
I then spent the majority of my evening sitting in bed with this little princess watching Youtube videos and blogging. 

6:00 pm
I snapped this picture. 

All night long
Once Chris got home we hopped onto good ol' skype and talked for the rest of the night until I was to tired to keep my eyes open. 

Hope you all enjoyed a look into my days off. There not that glamorous, but I am only a college student. 



Chelsea @ Life Unpublished said...

i wish i had your lunch for lunch! looks delicious

Jessica said...

This looks very cool! I might do that today.

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