things I miss about being a 90's kid

I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately. It's getting close to the end of the semester so all the books I didn't read earlier are beginning to catch up. No judging, I know you all did the same. today I have a fun post that made me reminisce in my childhood and remember the good ol' days. If you were a 90's kid, like moi, I hope you get a laugh out of it as well.

1. My AOL profile
I remember when I would spend all night making my aol profile perfect. That single page was so long it was insane. I remember those stupid character pictures I had to copy and paste into it that  I thought were so cool. I also had to link to every single survey that I filled out about whether I liked vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream.

2. Goosebump books

Oh the memories of memories of Goosebumps. My brother owned every single one of these books and I'm pretty sure we owned a few of the movie too. Needless to say, before Harry Potter, these were my life.

3. Being jealous of kids who had Lisa Frank folders

I think I had one Lisa Frank folder throughout elementary school and I treated that folder like it was gold. I was so jealous of the other girls who would come to the first day of glass with a shit load of Lisa Frank. Not that they needed a 10 pack of stickers for school, but I wanted them too. Lisa Frank was da bomb!

4. Having a Gigapet

Yepp, I had one. It hung my backpack and I fed that stupid little shit every day. Speaking of, I had to pick up after it too. How can one little computerized pet poop so much in one day!?

5. Playing MASH and never getting bored

I have notebooks full of MASH games, literally page after page. If it were real life, I would have 100 husbands and 10 million children and be living in a shack. I never got the mansion...

6. Watching Boy Meets World

Who didn't fall in love with this show? I don't even think I need to explain the gloriness of this show, we all know.

7. Playing Where's Carmen San Diego in school

Yet another gloriness. Is that even a word? These were the best days in elemtary school, when all you did was try and find Carmen. Seriously, what happen to this?

8. Getting my first Ferbie

The exciement of my first Ferbie didn't last long, because after finding out how damn annoying and needy those things were, it was thrown in the closet.

9. Wearing matching sweats

I have a picture of me as a kid wearing a pink sweatsuit and the 90's version of a bobble necklace and all I can think about if how awesome it would be if I could still wear that outfit without being called an idiot.

10. Saturday morning cartoons

Now these were the days. I can still remember waking up early on Saturday mornings in order to catch all the cartoons playing. These were the cartoons that actually taught something to kids, not like the cartoons these days created by meth addicts.

If you were a 90's kid, what do you miss the most?


Victoria said...

loved this!!

i so agree with all of these,saturday morning cartoos were the best! i never was allowed to have a giga pet but i did "babysit" one of my friend's once lol.

and do you remember warheads?! those sour candies were the best,while i saw on the bus ride home lol

Jennifer said...

Oh goosebumps... such fond memories of elementary school. I was quite the fan of the Fear Street series... especially the ones about evil cheerleaders.

elizalouise.bell said...

I still have my furby! He sits on my bookshelf without batteries...annoying little thing.

I also lovelovelove BMW. It's still on ABCFamily in the AM! :)

loved this post.

Amanda said...

Every single one of those! Except I owned all the goosebumps not my brother.xx

Tyler said...

love Boy Meets World!! :) are you planning on watching Girl Meets World when it comes on TV?? and oh man, MASH was so fun hahaha

Amanda Schroeder said...

YES! Boy meets world! Hopefully the new one will be a little bit better? Ehhh it probably won't be, huh? I miss the 90's too!


Anonymous said...

This post took me back. The 90's were 'the good ole days' and definitely worth remembering. Does anyone remember TGIF every Friday night with Full House and Family Matters? What about the Ouch! bubble gum that came in that tin can? Some shows that I was a fan of was Doug, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Hey Dude, man - they don't make shows like that anymore. What about Trolls? I can't begin to remember how many of those belly jeweled things I had. Thanks for this post, it was fun to be taken back to my childhood. Would love for some of you to follow my blog, too! :)

Mary Elyse said...

haha I agree with all of these! I love 'em all!! And those AOL/AIM profiles were like the most important decision of the moment at the time... haha i love those kinds of memories :)

-- Mary

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