My Life Story

So I pop out of my mom on the living room floor one day and have my name written on the ambulance that helped her out. Or so that's the story my dad tells me. I grew up looking like Pebbles from the Flintstones because my hair only grew on top of my head. I was also tortured by my older brother by having toy tractors dropped on my head and being pushed off tables. It was a very loving relationship...

The rents divorced and we lived with the momsy the majority of the time. We attended several schools and moved before we finally settled into our home. I met a tiny girl named Nikki and we became best friends. Middle School quickly rolled around and the awkward stages of growing up began. I stole my best friend's (not Nikki) boyfriend and I met another blonde girl, Bria and she was pretty much my double and we became instant besties. Also this was the time of Myspace and duck faces (see pictures below).

High School starts and my days of heavy black eyeliner and skull shirts starts. Why? I don't know, don't ask. I go through several boys, stole the same girl's guy again my senior year (woops!) and pretty much live the ultimate life with my two greatest friends. After graduation I took a once in a lifetime trip to the beautiful country of Peru with my step mom. It was an amazing experience.

SIL farthest left, bestest friend farthest left, oh yeah!

two boys I dated pictured in the same picture. can someone say awkward!?

 College starts!! I gained the freshman 15, possibly 20 and meet some pretty awesome people. However, it sucked and I missed home and I was doing very poorly in school because of it. The brother leaves for the Air Force (sad :( ) but gets married to an amazingly wonderful girl who I get to call my sister in law. Sophomore year I moved back home and went to the college five minutes away. So much better. I also met this super hot guy named Chris who happens to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. The greatest cat of all time passed away and I lost my best friend that day (double sad). I also started blogging and Kelly Elizabeth was created one boring weekend! 

Christmas card 2010

Today, I got a handsome fella in my life and the same two best friends (even though one lives in Japan) and I couldn't ask for anything else. I'm a happy girl.


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